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Insiders Club 1-31-2011 Bookmark



Just a quick note folks...

As the DOW kept moving up from + 40 to + 60 I did go ahead and take FWLT as it crossed the previous high of the morning at 36.70. It promptly ran to 36.91 and then rolled right

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Hi Guys

Well it's been quite a morning eh?

For the past week I've been talking about us being in the "danger zone" and that a big rug pull could hit any day. Frankly I didn't think we'd really

Insiders Club 1-27-2011 Bookmark



Okay guys things are calmer now.. I just wanted to get that update out quickly, because ADBE was buggin me and yeah it could blast over 34 and run, but that's what we bought it for, it didn't run, then got down graded.. nah,,,

Insiders Club 1-26-2011 Bookmark


3 PM

Okay folks, let's do a quick review. The FOMC hit and of course they didnt' change anything. What I found funny was they said that inflation was trending down. I almost choked.

In any event the market liked it well

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Welcome to the Insiders Club trading course!


Hi this is Bob and I want to personally thank you for making the decision to purchase this course. I know money can be tight, but if you think that paying for this education is expensive, just

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Sorry I'm a bit late folks, I had a radio interview with a great host Phil Miken, out of the Boston area, and I'm just settled down now. The morning has been weak, despite the "better" economic news about  the so called consumer. I suppose at some

Insiders Club 1-24-2011 Bookmark


Sorry for all the flash emails. While I was scrambling to get another notice out that I had screwed up the entry price on CAT, my signal hit on COG and I had picked up 800 shares of that at 40.00,40.01. It ran to 40.44 and now

Insiders Club 1-22-2011 Bookmark

Special Item

Silver revisited.

A while back, actually quite a while  now ( time flies) we posted a "white paper" about silver. So to start of with I want to repost that, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT.. I'M ADDING THINGS INTO IT. SO EVEN IF YOU SAW

Insiders Club 1-21-2011 Bookmark



Well, I think the day has gone pretty much the way I figured it might. We gapped, we ran and now we're pulling back some. Of course the question is... do they pull us back to flat, or gun us higher?

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