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Insiders Club 1-31-2012 Bookmark



This morning's drop out which took us from + 60 to -70 was pretty rude to say the least. But maybe worse, the "headfakes" both up and down have been particularly annoying today. Lately, they've been putting in morning lows, and then when Europe closes

Insiders Club 1-30-2012 Bookmark


As I expected, the morning "dip" ended up being the low, and from the time of my second post of the day, they've worked the market higher and higher. As I'm typing this at 2:45 we're down just 12 and we'll probably punch through to green. (

Insiders Club 1-27-2012 Bookmark


it's been a grind of a day, with the DOW down for most of it. But here at the last hour they're trying to pick it up off the floor.

I found this interesting, ...

1:09 PM Fitch slashes its debt ratings

Insiders Club 1-26-2012 Bookmark


The saga continues.. they ( comcast) came, changed some splitters, the block head, the modems.. and ten minutes later.. down we went. So, guess who's on their way back?? What a pain.

In any event, as you probably see in the market

Insiders Club 1-25-2012 Bookmark


After kicking it around, and digging into it, the market agrees with me, they've done a form of QE by extending the timeline. To quote Pimco,  We got QE2.5, QE 3 is still coming. I agree.

The market actually likes what he's done and what

Insiders Club 1-24-2012 Bookmark


A long grinding session that's somewhat misleading. While the DOW is down about 40, and the S&P is off a couple, there's a lot of stocks that held up very very well.

We haven't taken on anything new because this mornings gap down and

Insiders Club-1-23-2012 Bookmark


Hi all, sorry I'm a bit late. I'm sort of under the weather here today and things are obviously taking a bit longer to gel so to speak.

As I figured, we're just sort of wobbling around here today. At one point not long

Insiders Club 1-20-2012 Bookmark


Not a tremendously strong session...it is what's necessary. We've been up quite nicely for a couple weeks now and you have to have these "pause" days or it gets terribly frothy and then the pullback gets ugly. So, a quiet session heading into the weekend makes perfect

Insiders Club 1-19-2012 Bookmark



This morning when I was looking for charts I liked AXP a lot, despite knowing that they were reporting earnings tonight. I did take it at the open getting a fill at 50.61/62  But because of earnings tonight, I don't want to hold it

Insiders Club1-18-2012 Bookmark



I didn't notice that FCX reports earnings tomorrow am. I was alerted by a good subscriber (thank you!). So, I've sold my position. Hey we can't complain, in at 43.25 and out at 44.55 we'll take that dollar thirty thank you.

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