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Insiders Club - 1.31.2014 Bookmark


Okay, the worlds currencies have calmed down, and the markets have responded by climbing from a morning drop of 230 to just down 63. I will NOT be surprised if we go green. So, is it all over? for the very short term... it could be. We're at

Insiders Club - 1.30.2014 Bookmark


Well, they couldn't hold the highs of the day when we had the DOW up 168 points but coming into the last hour they still have it up 105 and it's my guess they'll hold it pretty close to here.

The question is, how healthy was

Insiders Club - 1.29.2014 Bookmark


Well folks, the Fed stood firm. This is going to get pretty interesting.

We all expected the Fed to taper another 10 billion. They did that. But it was my guess they'd load up the statement with language suggesting that their data shows some slowing and

Insiders Club - 1.28.2014 Bookmark


Well, they've held us up all day, and here in the last hour we have the DOW up 82. It's a decent bounce, but again the question is... is it a one day wonder? We don't know.

I held my nose and bought some WFM today.

Insiders Club - 1.24.2014 Bookmark


Unless they come storming through the gates in the last hour, we're on track for the worst day in many many months. I'm typing this at 2:20 and we're down 262 on the DOW and 31 on the S&P Both the DOW and the S&P are below their

Insiders Club - 1.23.2014 Bookmark


Well looky here. The market was down 240, but as the last hours have come upon the session, some short covering has pushed us up a bit. But make no mistake, the market was very poor today. ( for the bulls)

There's a lot of reasons

Insiders Club - 1.22.2014 Bookmark


The struggling continues. After another decent attempt to move the market higher, we saw the steam come out of that move and at one point we had the DOW off 50 points.

I tend to think that this is because behind the scenes there's a

Insiders Club - 1.21.2014 Bookmark


Ha! So, it appears as though it was a head fake, with the customary rug pull built in.

As we got to the open for business, the futures were hovering at the +80 level. But very quickly after the open, we fell back sharply, and

Insiders club - 1.17.2014 Bookmark


Earlier today I was whining about how whippy the market has been and how you can be up a buck at 11 am, and red by 2. We're still seeing evidence of that, and frankly today the market is almost "fake". What do I mean by that? Well

Insiders Club - 1.16.2014 Bookmark


It's been a long grinding sort of day. Sure the averages are down some, but lets be real. After two up days where we gained a couple hundred points, seeing the DOW off 65 for most of the day is more of a pause than a sell.

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