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Insiders Club 10-29-2010 Bookmark






Sorry I’m late on this posting folks, my laptop overheated and shut down on my just as I was writing this post. Go figure.

Insiders Club 10-28-2010 Bookmark



Well that's a strange enough start. We gapped, we ran, and we've pulled back to essentially flat. I haven't done anything, and I guess my prediction that they'll just "hover" the market until the elections could be coming true. I'm not certain that they

Insiders Club 10-27-2010 Bookmark



Well this is interesting action. Down over 100 an hour into the day is definitely "different" from what we've had lately. In a lot of ways I'm awful close to just selling the two short term positions,  but JCI is actually 'up" on the

Insiders Club 10-26-2010 Bookmark


Well.. it's a mixed bag out there for sure. They liked the consumer confidence numbers because they rose a bit, but all they could do with it was get us green for a bit. so far it's a pretty trendless day.

The "odd"

Insiders Club 10-22-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


See what happens when the Fed's don't have a scheduled POMO or direct purchase scheduled? The market was up a hundred but couldn't hold and at one point was just 25 point away from red. But not to worry because today, they

Insiders Club 10-21-2010 Bookmark



Well they really poured on the juice here this am, and hey, I can't complain... our JCI, our MDT are both doing great. I just picked up CBOE as it crossed 24, and although it's not roaring higher, I feel okay with it.

Insiders Club 10-20-2010 Bookmark



Hey guys....

I just want to remark about the "beige book" that just came out.

According to the Fed, the economy is still growing and they see signs of a pick up in retail sales, etc. Overall it wasn't

Insiders Club 10-19-2010 Bookmark

Update / Note


As you guys might know, Timmy "turbo tax" Geithner was speaking at some forum trying to hype a "strong dollar" policy. I almost puked when I heard that, because we are destined to destroy the dollar. Oh well, they said the same

Insiders Club 10-18-2010 Bookmark



I'm sitting here shaking my head over STX.  Back on 9/30 I thought I saw some "interesting" action there and I suggested I liked it a lot if it broke over 12.15. Now it's at 16+ because of takeover "rumors". Darn, that would have

Insiders Club 10-15-2010 Bookmark


What a weird sort of morning eh? Bernanke told us he was going to let loose with more money. The market futures spiked, but the open wasn't spectacular. Then we fell 70 points, very similar to yesterday's action. Now we've been climbing back, down just 47.

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