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Insiders Club 10-31-2011 Bookmark


Hey what did you guys do to my market? Ha.

I had a hunch they'd sell us down some, take some profits, etc. So, they're using the failure of MFGlobal ..John Corzine's hedge fund as proof about how bad Europe is still and yada

Insiders Club 10-28-2011 Bookmark


A long grinding flat session for sure, but that's what I expected. They weren't about to let this go, and as we head into the close, I suspect we'll coast out flat.

I have to mention AMZN here folks. As you know, we bought

Insiders Club 10-27-2011 Bookmark


Wow, what a day. They can't help themselves, they're pouring in trying to make up the lost ground of all year. Lots of fund managers are up just a couple percent and they're desperate to keep their jobs. They're really reaching here.

Okay, listen

Insiders Club 10-26-2011 Bookmark


Well this has been a crazy day and it's only an hour and a half into it. I'm almost glad I've got a 1.5 hour ride to the airport later, sheesh.

We gapped and ran at the open. Then, we got wome convoluted word

Insiders Club 10-25-2011 Bookmark


We've been down more than 150.. now down 109.. they're calling it a victory. Meanwhile Gold is up 55 dollars. I'm hoping all of you followed us into the GLD a few weeks ago, we're up 10 dollars a share there. Whoo hoo!

In any

Insiders Club 10-24-2011 Bookmark



I think it's important from a "training" stance to look at this mornings open for a minute. We'll use CLR as the guinnea pig. I said I liked CLR over 60. Well it opened at 60.15 and wobbled widely. in 4 minutes it was down

Insiders Club 10-21-2011 Bookmark


Okay folks, they've held us up pretty much all day. I had sold half my CAT holding at about 11:15 am and am just geared up to sell the other half now. So, although it's great getting a buck and a half on a thousand shares.. we

Insiders Club 10-20-2011 Bookmark


Another incredibly whippy day, we were down hard earlier in the session, then came back to flat. Now at 3:00, we're up at the highs of the day, looking at gains of 55 points.

Did something change? Not a thing. The market is living

Insiders Club 10-19-2011 Bookmark


They tried and tried. Several times the S&P was threatening the 1230 level, but couldn't make the push. Then the air came out, and as I'm writing this at 2:40 we're down 65 on the DOW. This last hour is going to be very interesting to watch.

Insiders Club 10-18-2011 Bookmark


Maybe I'm not nuts? I went way against the grain, holding out on the idea that they would challenge the recent high and even bust through it. It looked stupid yesterday, but now at 3 pm with the market up 100, and the S&P down just 10

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