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Insiders-Club-11-30-2012 Bookmark


We've made it to Friday. It has been an interesting trip.

If you are able to watch the news and the markets during the day, what you've seen is that the market is whipping violently on every statement concerning the fiscal cliff. If a

Insiders Club-11-29-2012 Bookmark


Hello folks...

Well today is shaping up to be bizarro in a big way. Last night the futures were cruising along fairly benign when all of a sudden they blasted higher. In under a minute, 11,000 S%P mini contracts were gobbled up, pushing futures up

Insiders Club-11-28-2012 Bookmark


Morning all, it's Wednesday already.

Yesterday things were holding up fairly well, and then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that “little progress” had been made in the fiscal cliff negotiations. Despite some made up positive economic reports, the comments by Reid created an immediate

Insiders Club-11-27-2012 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to Tuesday.

Yesterday was just about right. After the big Holiday binge, we went from sharply oversold to mildly overbought in a week. There was little doubt there'd be some profit taking, the question was simply "how much?"  In the morning session,

Insiders Club-11-26-2012 Bookmark


Morning all....

Welcome back from a really good Holiday weekend. While mine wasn't quite "ideal" considering the circumstances, it was just fine.

Okay, so we had our big bad dead cat bounce ( yes folks that is indeed an industry

Insiders Club-11-23-2012 Bookmark


Are you still stuffed like that turkey? I certainly am. Not only did we enjoy a great holiday feast on Wednesday evening with some dear friends, on Thursday AM I got a call from another friend and they invited me to share their holiday with them. So,

Insiders Club-11-21-2012 Bookmark


Morning all... this will be a very short update, sorry. I have to meet with some people at the ungodly hour of 7:15 am to show them my house and get the "hands on" estimate for demolition. What a pain.

In any event, yesterday did

Insiders Club-11-20-2012 Bookmark


Well, that was quite the day. I wish I was here sitting through it all because it appears there were trades galore. But that said, I do actually own two positions in the short term trading account. That's refreshing, I haven't been able to do anything for

Insiders Club-11-19-2012 Bookmark


Morning folks...

The other day I titled the update "the bounce nears".  Well it seems like Friday afternoon it  "began".

After a weak open, they turned things around during the session and ended us higher. Why? Was it industrial production that was

Insiders Club-11-16-2012 Bookmark


The bounce nears.

Yesterday we were looking at triple digit losses again, and then in the last hour they jumped aboard to bring the averages back up. Although the day still ended red, it was nothing compared to where it could have been. You

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