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11.30.2016 The Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey all, the new edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up and tonight we're discussing something important to a lot of you...do you trust this rally enough to have your 401K in it?  That's a big question because while the recent rally has been impressive, a lot of things have to go very right to have this market make sustainable gains in 2017.  This is an important letter, give it a read. 

11.30.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Gamble
Quite some time ago, I told my readers that I was moving what’s left of my wife’s 401K plan out of stock funds and into “cash”. ( money market).  We felt we had taken the best slice out of the 2009 - 2015 run up and after all....the market was being pushed up by all the wrong reasons.

That strategy looked pretty smart for a long time. If you look back at the overall market, it simply traded sideways for those two years. Then something interesting happened. The day after the election, stocks started running and they haven’t taken a break since. Now the DOW, S&P and the NASDAQ are all at new highs. The TV pundits are saying that we could hit DOW 25K.

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Good morning all, we've made it to hump day. 

If you've flipped on your monitors or TV's you see the futures are up fairly strongly this morning. After everyone had lost hope about a deal in oil land, it appears that the Saudi's have flinched to some extent and a small production cut is now being acknowledged.  That was enough to jam oil up over 3 bucks, and that of course took stocks with it. 

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Mornin all, welcome to Tuesday.  

Yesterday was a snoozer for sure, as the volumes were low and the market hovered in a fairly tight range all day. But from just about every angle it looked more like a pause, than a sell off. No one wanted to push it much higher, but no one was running for the door either.

11.28.2016 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from what I hope was a long and wonderful weekend. After enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday, the wife and I did some fun "poking around" the west coast of Florida, taking in the scenery. Florida is indeed a beautiful state if you like the water. There's so many miles of mangroves and islands, and rivers and bays. It's really gorgeous. Oh and speaking of gorgeous, right now we are experiencing exactly why so many people come here for the winter. Yesterday we did our bike ride and it was bright sunny, not a cloud in the sky, 79ish... just perfect.  Cooler nights and perfect days is what put the west coast of Florida on the map from Nov - March

11.26.2016 - Hillary Wins?? Bookmark

The latest Free Newsletter is up and in this one we're talking about the strange move by Jill Stein to put up a donation website to accumulate enough money to have a recount done in Wisconsin, MI, and PA. While we hope this is just more foot stomping from the left, the fact is she raised almost 6 million dollars in two days, and is moving forward.

Is this an attempt to "steal" the election away from Trump? Who's been watching the blank ballots for the past 3 weeks? Who are these so called computer geeks suggesting the machines were hacked for Trump to win?  The implications are frightening. 

11.27.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Hillary Wins???
NOTE>> I wrote the following Commentary on Friday morning, knowing I was going to be traveling this weekend.  Since then things have already moved forward, Stein did go ahead and raise the money to recount Wisconsin and it’s looking like they will push for PA and MI too.
When Trump won the election, my very first statement was “this isn’t over”.  For those of you with portfolio’s, you might want to pay attention to this article. Why? Because as I said...the globalist plans that were in place on Monday November 7th, didn’t go away Tuesday Nov. 8th.

11.25.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a tremendous day of family bonding and enjoying your friends. I know we certainly did and I probably don't need to eat again for a month. Sometimes you even get a little "extra" reason to say thanks. That happened to me on Thanksgiving. I was talking to our closest friends back up north who are coming down to visit us in December.  The reality was that I hadn't talked to them for about 2, maybe 3 weeks and I was eager to catch up. Well boy, what a catch up that was.

11.23.2016 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to the eve of Thanksgiving.  While everyone has their favorite Holiday, Thanksgiving has always been mine. Yes Christmas is wonderful, as the meaning of the season is so important. But in Thanksgiving we get one thing that can resonate with everyone regardless of race, creed, color, etc.  That thing is... the reminder that every single one of us has something to be thankful for. Many of us are blessed in ways we don't even understand simply because we live in the US, and don't have to endure the squalor that so many billions contend with.

11.22.2016 Bookmark


Mornin' all, welcome to a new day. If you're doing a frozen turkey for Thursday, this morning is the time to get that puppy out of the freezer and into the fridge!  If you're doing fresh, it's already  "ready to go".   ( I only mention this, because a couple years back, I forgot to pull the silly bird out of the freezer until Wednesday and sure enough it was still rock hard in the middle. So of course I was reprimanded and sent to the store to secure a fresh bird. But that's okay, I wanted a fresh one anyway, we were only doing the frozen one because it was given to us for doing some fund raising for a charity)

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