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Insiders Club 12-31-2010 Bookmark



Yawn. We opened weaker than I expected, but surprisingly we didn't get torched on any of our stops. A few got close.. but then the DOW picked up the pace a bit and things are coming up some.

Its my guess

Insiders Club 12-30-2010 Bookmark


Noon something....

Hi all, we just got back, and I see it's an interesting mixed bag out there.

As you know.. we came into the day carrying

500 NBR at 22.99/23.00
500 ANR at 56.05/06  stop at 55.81

Insiders Club 12-29-2010 Bookmark



I know the market is up 40 points, but it sure doesn't "feel" like it. Many of the things you'd expect to see up.. are flat.

In any event, here's what's doin....

As you know we came into the

Insiders Club 12-28-2010 Bookmark


I am Embarrassed about this...

Several people have written in to say that they just went ahead and tried the "renewal" button and put in their info.. and the system accepted it and added 365 days to the end of their current subscription.

Insiders Club 12-27-2010 Bookmark


Just a note here folks...

I've gotten a ton of emails asking about Avalon.. Like a dummy I didn't put the symbol in the morning update.

Avalon had only traded on the pink sheets under AVARF. But I'm not a major buyer

Insiders Club 12-22-2010 Bookmark




I told you LRCX might come under pressure because of XLNX last night, but they gave us an escape route. Although it plunged hard right after the open, we were able to get out with a penny to spare. Okay, no

Insiders Club 12-21-2010 Bookmark




Hi Guys....

First sort of a funny note, or at minimum a holiday gift.  Yesterday before taking my afternoon walk I set electronic buy in's for AMZN and FWLT. I got filled on AMZN, which was nice, but FWLT didn't make the

Insiders Club 12-20-2010 Bookmark


Okay folks, just a quick update...

While I was out, I had my system set up to take AMZN on a move over 181.86. Well it did that and I took 500 at 181.89

As I'm typing this, it's 183.16, after hitting 183.86.

Insiders Club 12-17-2010 Bookmark




I think that I suggested in the first update that the most "logical" place for the market to go today was flat to slightly down. Well, we've been flat to slightly down since the open. But that doesn't mean we haven't seen significant movement,

Insiders Club 12-16-2010 Bookmark



quick note folks,.. I took MMM at 86.01/.2...

It's up to 86.35.. so far so good. but if the market does the Rug pull thing, I'll bail out flat.

800 MMM at 86.02.. Soft stop at entry


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