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Insiders Club-12-31-2012 Bookmark



Okay, everyone's getting the nod that a deal is going to happen. Now we have Obama on TV lying to everyone about his agenda, but what ever... the fact is the market is up 70 in anticipation of an announcement.

But, that

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The arm twisting continues. The market is trying to force the politicians hands, as we're down 90 points, and close to losing DOW 13K.  The politicians know this is happening and they continue to play their grandstanding games.

So here's the question. If we

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The tone has shifted from "hoping they fix this mess" to "we're going to force them to fix this mess".

The market has a habit of pushing politicians to do things because as we all know... a falling market gets everyone's attention and

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For some reason, when I copied and pasted this morning's update it cut off a couple of the last paragraphs... here they are...

In any event, it would be nice if we could see the market put in an up day, even if it

Insiders Club-12-24-2012 Bookmark


It's Christmas Eve and frankly it just feels "wrong" to be sitting here playing market games on such a wonderful day. But it is.. what it is and here we are.

The market went into pout mode a couple days back because

Insiders Club-12-21-2012 Bookmark


Okay I'm back. I see the morning pout is still in effect.

We took our stops off everything and amazingly, most of it is still green for us. Granted the bulk of the big profits are gone, but at least we're not underwater by

Insiders Club-12-20-2012 Bookmark


So Boehner came on after Reid basically said he's sending his minions home... and what did Boehner say? Not a lot. The game of chicken goes on, but each time they come on TV the "numbers" get closer, and the market bounces. Granted we're up just 16..

Insiders Club-12-19-2012 Bookmark



See? See how goofy Wednesday's can be? The futures were nice and green this am, they were ignoring the "no deal" tough talk and then "boom" we open poor and fall red.

I stopped flat on SBUX and lost 40 cents on

Insiders Club-12-18-2012 Bookmark


What a crazy day. While there is no deal on the table, the market has decided to be deluded into believing the world is saved. Greece was upgraded earlier today. Talking heads are declaring a deal will be done. The "year end push" is in full effect,

Insiders Club-12-17-2012 Bookmark


Well the market isn't up as much as it was earlier in the day and that's about what we figured 'might" happen. But the day isn't over so maybe we'll be up 70 again instead of the 52 we're up now.

I picked up

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