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Insiders Club - 12.31.2013 Bookmark


They're doing their best to keep things looking wonderful for the Holiday, so no one grumbles about things on New Years day.

That said, there's very few issues that are doing really very well, it's a narrow market.

I'm still a bit concerned that

Insiders Club - 12.30.2013 Bookmark


I've mentioned a few times that one thing that often "backfires" on an entry into a trade is when the entry level is fairly far away from the stocks price, and it reaches it, but that then serves as a "top" for the day or so.

Insiders Club - 12.27.2013 Bookmark


The market is really struggling to stay green. They've fired off all their ammo and now are just doing their best to "run in place". I'm a bit surprised they haven't put their shoulder to the wheel and really pushed so that over the weekend all the Sunday

Insiders Club - 12.26.2013 Bookmark


This is the exact "low volume" run into year end we expected and why we took on the SPY call options to catch it. Those are working very well, up over 11% in a few days.

That said, not everything is running wild. We had AKAM,

Insiders Club - 12.24.2013 Bookmark


Wow! Did you guys see the drop in DDD this morning?! That's what can happen when a momentum stock all of a sudden becomes the target of massive profit taking and exactly why we jacked the stop up this morning. It was up almost 10 dollars

Insiders Club - 12.23.2013 Bookmark


While it hasn't been "smooth" so to speak, they've kept the market quite green for the bulk of the day. As I expected there was some up and down wiggles, as lower volumes push things more than they should. How's that work? Pretty easy. If the overall volume

Insiders Club - 12.20.2013 Bookmark


Hi guys, I'm back. I got in about 40 minutes ago, looked around, and even bought a stock.

I see that the market's having a decent day, and I sort of figured they would. They love pushing the market higher on Friday's.


Insiders Club - 12.19.2013 Bookmark


Well the day has gone about the way we figured. We've wandered around and stumbled around for 90% of the day, going no where fast. Now heading into the closing hour, e see the DOW has gone back to green and is up 18. The S&P is still

Insiders Club - 12.18.2013 Bookmark

3:15 pm

Okay folks, they did the "token taper". While I said over and over I didn't think they would at this meeting, I understood the reasons why they could, and that they might toss out a 5 or 10 billion cut. They cut 10... five from buying mortgages

Insiders Club - 12.17.2013 Bookmark


Well it's been a snoozer of a day. They've been willing to just "hover" us in the slightly red zone for hours on end, simply waiting on the Fed tomorrow.

I still have my STX and JCI and now I have to face up to the

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