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12.31.2019 - Insider Bookmark


 Today, 91 years ago, at 11:59 pm, my mom came into the world. The doctor stood firm on the time stamp and wouldn't budge, denying my mom as being the first baby of the new year. 

Her mom ( my grandmom) never let the world forget that doctors name.  She was soo mad, because even way back then the first baby of the new year got some nice gifts. Oh well.

12.30.2019 - Insider Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your weekend. I hope it was a really good one for you all. 

Down here is sweltering Florida, we did manage to pull off a pretty decent weekend between the raindrops. Saturday it rained on and off, keeping us a bit home bound. But Sunday, things were better and after church the wife and I made it to one of our favorite walking parks and we put in a couple miles

12.29.2019 - Virginia, the Test Tube Bookmark


Today's letter is very very important. You can find it here:


In it, we talk about the madness going on in Virginia. The Democrats took control of the State and they make it very clear, they want you disarmed. If you refuse to turn in your AR 15's they want to arrest you. This isn't fake news folks, this is the real deal. Now granted I could ask the simple question, being who's the idiots that elected THESE idiots to the positions?  


Anyway, give this letter a read, this is very important. Why? I believe Virginia is the test tube. The trial run before they launch such crap across the Nation. 





12.29.2019 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

My Carry Weapon

I’ve been warning about a “civil war” for over a year now. In many ways it’s already happening. Antifa scumbags attacking conservatives, the brazen attacks by lunatic fringe “progressives” on Trump supporters, etc.

12.27.2019 - Insider club Bookmark


Unleash the madness!  For what ever reason, they decided yesterday was a good day to start really pouring it on.  The monster names like AAPL had enormous gains. But not much compares to AMZN gaining almost 80 bucks a share. In one day. 

Go figure. 

12.26.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Happy day after Christmas to you all.  I truly hope it was a wonderful day for you!

We had a fine day for sure. The only downside to the day was the weather. I just can't get my head around it being 81 degrees on Christmas day. But, it was. While some of you that might be in the deep freeze of  Alaska might be thinking I'm whining over something that's actually good, please understand that we do occasionally get a cold snap that drops us to the 40's

12.24.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Christmas Eve. Can you imagine?  Where did the year go? 

First off of course, I want to wish all of you a tremendous Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I know that some of you do your gifting this evening, others do their Holiday meal this evening and then some others wait on tomorrow for such things. 

12.23.2019 - Insiders Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Christmas week. 

That means the market will close at 1 pm on Tuesday and of course be closed Wednesday. 

This morning the slow motion melt higher continues. We have the DOW estimated to open +70 points ( at 7:30)
Most of those gains are because of China

12.20.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning everyone, it's Friday. Again. 

Got your shopping done? Or, is this weekend the rush to the stores for you?  I got out ahead of all this weeks ago, and feel pretty good about it!

12.19.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, how's your day so far? I hope it's a good one for you all. 

So the Democrats went ahead with their circus yesterday and Impeached the President. I don't much care if you hate Trump, think he's a racist bigot, or what have you, if you HONESTLY assess what happened, it was a political hit job. Period. 

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