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We are witness to a really old world Biblical style attack on Gold and darn near the same in oil. So, what's all that about? Did Gold really fall 75 bucks today because Bernanke didn't talk about QE3?  I don't think so.

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Heading into the last hour, we see that the DOW is just below 13K again, while the S&P is once again below the 1371 it needs to hold above. This patch of resistance is pretty strong.

Tomorrow, Bernanke will be doing his speech and

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I got a couple questions about SNDK and whether we had stopped out of itearly this am.  We did not.

Remember the Rule here at IY folks, because I do forget to post it enough times.

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This morning has looked like a lot of mornings recently. We open okay and then we see the air come out, things look edgy and then "boom" right back to the flatline we go. Today we did the same exact thing.

So here we

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Well it's been an interesting day. A couple times the market looked like it might fade off, but they stepped in and picked up the pace. So now at 3:05 as I'm writing this.. the DOW is up 33 and it feels like they'll keep

Insiders Club 2-22-2012 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday.

As you all know, today I have to play "dad" and take my son in for some surgery, so this is going to be the only update of the day. With a bit of luck, tomorrow will just be

Insiders Club 2-21-2012 Bookmark


This is almost funny. I think.

We started out bland, a small bias to the upside. Then we went RED for a bit. But just shallow red, just enough to make folks think there's really a free market in place. Then... up we went.

Insiders Club 2-17-2012 Bookmark


You can see what they're doing here this am.. they're doing the same thing I am. They're wondering just what to do.

We jumped out of the gate nicely.. but then cooled off. For a while there it looked like we might go red. But

Insiders Club 2-16-2012 Bookmark


See? See what they can do when they want? I said over and over, I don't trust this market, but there was no way a one day drop meant anything. Now we're up 120 on the DOW and the S&P is at 1357. Now, if they hold

Insiders Club 2-15-2012 Bookmark


The bogus news flow is ramping up. See, the market is down 89 points here at 2:45, so they have to come up with something quick. I just heard a few moments ago that Iran says they have not halted oil shipments to 6 European countries. That

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