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Insiders Club - 2.28.2014 Bookmark


NOTE> This update could be the only one I send out today. I've got a couple fairly important things to do this morning and chances it will last into the afternoon. So, even if I get back in time to take a look around, I don't know if

Insiders Club - 2.27.2014 Bookmark


So here we sit. Yellen really didn't do much to let them think she's going to want to slow down the tapering. She focused on wanting to know more about what the weather did, and she insisted that "one data point" like employment isn't the full measure of

Insiders Club - 2.26.2014 Bookmark


They brought the S&P right back up to tthe "all time high" level yet again, which it has flirted with all day. As I'm typing this we're showing 1851. I think they'll close us over that level today. But it is such a struggle for them, I'm not

Insiders Club - 2.25.2014 Bookmark


Easy come, easy go. We bought ATW at 47.70 and by 3 pm yesterday it was at 48.92. Well today we find that Seadrill sort of "blew it" and being in the same space, it knocked all the drillers for a loop. So from up over a buck

Insiders Club - 2.24.2014 Bookmark


Pretty special eh? No one can really come up with a decent reason that the market is up 175 points and the S&P is at all-time highs. We know the economy isn't the culprit, the economy is soggy. We know it isn't the actions of the Fed, unless

Insiders Club - 2.21.2014 Bookmark


So, they creep us closer and closer to the old highs, on no volume, on expiration day.

This feels so contrived, pushed and tortured that it borders comedy. But, up is up and they've managed to take us green by a bit.

We are

Insiders Club - 2.20.2014 Bookmark


Am I wrong? Yep.

I figured they'd take us green today. I did NOT think we'd get all of yesterdays plunge back and then some. Here at 1:30 we're up 110 on the DOW and 11 on the S&P That's pretty lofty "stuff" and more than

Insiders Club - 2.19.2014 Bookmark


After the blistering run up this morning the air came out of things around the time of the Fed's "minutes" being released. Now if you read the minutes, it's like hieroglyphics, you can make them say anything you want. Some think they said they'd be halting the tapering,

Insiders Club - 2.18.2014 Bookmark


A long boring day here folks. The market has been stuck in place since about 10:20 and hasn't moved maybe 30 points since then.

One thing did happen however, we stopped out of MS this afternoon. I'm not sure why it couldn't get with the program,

Insiders Club 2.14.2014 Bookmark

2:15 pm

Well bless their hearts. I'll be the first to admit I didn't think we'd see 117 DOW points today, despite the fact I did think they'd keep us green heading into the weekend. Oh and by the way folks this is a 3 DAY market holiday. The

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