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Insiders-Club-3-28-2013 Bookmark



I had to wait to put out an update because I wanted to see if they were going to eek out the "all-time" high on the S&P and they did. Granted it was the "closing" high, as the intra day all time high was somewhere

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Same story, different day. They've gathered their wits about them and they're pushing for that all-time high on the S&P. So, here we are from down 100+, to down just 27 and the S&P is again just 3 points shy of that stupid all time high. I

Insiders-Club-3-26-2013 Bookmark


What did I tell you about low volume days being the easiest for them to push around? Well we have lousy volume and guess what? We're two points from the all time S&P high and the DOW is at an all time high again. Go figure.

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Wow, some day eh? They decided that every day depositors were on the hook for Cyprus banks, and the world rejoiced because Cyprus was "over". Then we hear from the lunatic in Brussels that Cyprus is the blueprint for the rest of the EU countries. Well that

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Yesterday we bought NUAN. We got in at the 19.60 cross, and it roared to 20.15. Now today it opens and I'm immediately stopped out at our entry price. How Rude. On a day where the market is up across the board and we get

Insiders Club-3-21-2013 Bookmark


We've been all over the map here today. From almost flattish to down 128 a couple times. Now at 3:10 we're down about 63.

The only thing I did was take 1000 NUAN as it crossed the 19.60 line and it is at 20.00

Insiders Club-3-20-2013 Bookmark


Like some doped up lemming I sat here and waited on the Fed statement, which you could probably xerox from all the other statements. They "said" by a margin of 11 to 1 that they're going to hold things "as is" and blah blah blah. So obviously

Insiders Club-3-19-2013 Bookmark


Well they're doing their best to battle back from a low of 57 as here at 3:15 we're down 28. As much as this is being propped up, if we close red it will be the first 3 day losing streak in a long long time.

Insiders Club-3-18-2013 Bookmark


The market has indeed shrugged off the headline news. While many are quite happy about that, as they couldn't even let a one day dip happen, you have to look at the big picture. No matter how much they try and wave this off,

Insiders Club-3-15-2013 Bookmark


What a strange morning. We opened flat and then fell for 60 points. Sure you could name a dozen or more reasons for it, but none of them are anything we didn't see or know yesterday, so what's up with that?

Is this the

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