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Insiders Club 4-30-2010 Bookmark




They tried their best to blow off all the bad news, but in the past few minutes we dipped hard, now with the DOW off 42. I suggested this morning that I felt they were really struggling here this morning,

Insiders Club 4-29-2010 Bookmark


1:00 pm

They are rabid for stocks this morning. Apparently the world disintegrating, doesn't trump "free money" from the Fed.

So, the question is, are they going to form a "double top" up here and we have seen the blow off, or...

Insiders Club 4-28-2010 Bookmark



 Okay. The FED did what the Fed always does. Nothing. They left interest rates at an exceptionally low rate for an "extended" time, while also telling us about all this supposed growth we're getting.

Let me ask the most basic question.

Insiders Club 4-27-2010 Bookmark



Well the big market plunge over Portugal getting it's debt looked at, in conjunction with Goldman getting their butts grilled was a good reason to take some money out.

I bought back half my DIA short. I had 1400 shares

Insiders Club 4-26-2010 Bookmark



I have some running around to do with the family 'stuff". So, here's what I have and the electronic stops I'm putting up

800 PCX at 24.03 Stop at 23.60
400 NTRI  at 18.47. stop at 19.99

Insiders Club 2-23-2010 Bookmark



Well they keep on pushing, and they are on track to bust up and over 11150. so, despite having to hold my nose, we have to lean towards the criminals.

I did take ODP when it crossed 8.40, getting it at

Insiders Club 4-22-2010 Bookmark


Can you all believe this action? We were down 105 this morning, they were grumbling about Greece, and a host of things. Then, between Obama coming on TV yet again ( When does he have time to do anything, he's always on tv??) anyway, in moments

Insiders Club 4-21-2010 Bookmark



Interesting day so far eh? You bet it is. We opened green, looked to be soaring then at 10:30 we went slightly red. Well considering red appears to be illegal, "boom" programs shot off and in moments we had all three indices green

Insiders Club 4-20-2010 Bookmark




 Well the chop is certainly back. The market has been firmly green and slightly red. The NASDAQ and S&P are doing better overall than the DOW, but all in all, we look stuck in a holding pattern. Now it could be we

Insiders Club 4-19-2010 Bookmark

 Insiders Club Update


Okay so we opened flat and instantly went green, as Wall street circled the wagons and tried to tell us how grand the economy is and Citi's earnings, etc. The problem is, no one believes it. If you think Citi could

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