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Insiders Club 4-29-2011 Bookmark



Thanks for all the birthday well wishes folks, I do appreciate them!

Unfortunately this birthday hasn't gone the way I'd have liked. I made a massive mistake this morning and I guess I'll have to use it to show

Insiders Club 4-28-2011 Bookmark




What a flat and boring day. They are desperate to keep the DOW up and they're pulling it off, but it's on such low volume it's almost funny.

I'm a bit miffed that I didn't sell that VFC this am.. we got it at

Insiders Club 4-27-2011 Bookmark



I'm typing this at 2:56 as Bernanke's town hall meeting is still in progress. To suggest I'm disappointed in it, would be an enormous understatement. He's dancing around the issues and when asked point blank about something he can't dance.. he simply lies. I

Insiders Club 4-26-2011 Bookmark



Am I looking at 68 DOW points at 10:30??  I am. Why? I guess they're buying into the earnings games.

Yet the things that actually make sense they're raiding again. ANR stopped me out for a small gain. Here's an outfit

Insiders Club 4-25-2011 Bookmark



What an interesting day. They started the day raiding the gold and silver pits, which beat up some of the miners, and this wasn't a surprise. I think I mentioned this am that with the huge imbalance they were going to have to try

Insiders Club 4-21-2011 Bookmark



As I expected, we're hovering. Sure we were up some this am, but when the Philly Fed report hit, they didn't like it much as last months reading was 40+ and this one is 18.

So, we have rising initial jobless claims and

Insiders Club 4-20-2011 Bookmark



As you can see the "problem" with huge gap up days is that 90% of the move "up" comes from the gap, then stocks simply try and hover around their open prices. We did go ahead and take NBR and ANR when they exceeded

Insiders Club 4-19-2011 Bookmark



I figured they'd keep us green today, but you can almost smell the desperation to do it. Al lthe talking heads are trying to tell us why the debt issue is no big deal, and each time the market rolls over a bit, the

Insiders Club 4-18-2011 Bookmark


2:45 pm

So, we plunged on a bogus downgrade of our "outlook" which was nothing more than a political ploy to get Washington to do "something" about our debt limits. The market spent most of the day down about 210 points and in the past

Insiders Club 4-15-2011 Bookmark



Chop. More Chop. We opened flat, and fell. Then we rose for no reason what so ever. Then we faded back. I suspect that's how it's going to go all day.

I still feel this market stinks like 5 day fish.

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