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Insiders Club -4-30-2012 Bookmark


Okay folks, I'm back in the office and thanks for the well wishes for the bride. She's fine, Doc found nothing. It's just one of those "old" things we're supposed to do.

The day is soggy, maybe not as soggy as I might have

Insiders Club-4-27-2012 Bookmark


Hello folks..

Okay the market has held up all day, and it "should" hold into the close. I'm not positive about that however, as we could see a tad of selling to end us flat.

I did do a bit of a

Insiders Club 4-26-2012 Bookmark



See what happens when Bernanke winks and nods that no matter what happens... he's going to support stocks. We're up 120 on the DOW and at 1400 on the S&P.

That's exactly why I didn't move the 401K to cash.

Insiders Club -4-25-2012 Bookmark


What a day. We had the AAPL earnings and the market went nuts. But then it had to "stop" and wait to hear from Bernanke
Well,... it was one of the goofiest press conferences I've listened to in a long time. But what else is new.

Insiders Club-4-25-2012 Bookmark


I really don't know what to say. Sure as rain, a lot of things gapped back up to where they were and are sitting there. But frankly, for a market up so big ( 101 DOW points) there really aren't a whole lot of stocks that are

Insiders Club-4-23-2012 Bookmark



Well hows about that? A gap down and a sell off. Go figure.

So the question is... now that we're down 160 points.. do they walk this back up? When Europe closes, is that the dinner bell for them to start feasting

Insiders Club-4-20-2012 Bookmark


Okay.. we're up like 103 points at 10:38. Why? Well lots of reasons, and none of them are all that special.

But, here's the question.

This weekend we have a handful of things happening in Europe. The French are having their

Insiders Club-4-19-2012 Bookmark


Here we go again... what a nasty market.

I have been telling you all that I don't trust this market at all, and it's only daytrading that is going to work. Once again we have no volume, and even the vaunted AAPL is down

Insiders Club-4-18-2012 Bookmark


A long grind of a day, the chart of the S&P looks like a relief map of the Andes mountains. Up and down chop all day, but ultimately running in place. With the big ten year Spanish auction tonight, they don't want to lose the gains they

Insiders Club-4-17-2012 Bookmark


Well today is different than yesterday. Yesterday we roared higher and it fell apart, only to recover later. Today, we were up[ 145, faded to up 90 and popped right back up. Different day, different action.

Granted, with volumes like this, there's no guarantee

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