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Insiders Club-4-30-2013 Bookmark


Does it matter that the Chicago PMI came in under 50 for the first time since the economic melt down? It mattered for about 90 point for about an hour. Then it was back to business as usual and the DOW is up 11 points at 2

Insiders Club-4-29-2013 Bookmark


Well, this is totally insane. But hey, it is certainly entertaining. We had the DOW up 130 a bit ago, now up about 108.

This last hour is going to be awful interesting to see... but it's my guess they keep that SPY well

Insiders Club-4-26-2013 Bookmark



They had a good chance to sell this market down as we opened a bit pink but got red quickly. In moments we were down 30 points, but "just like that" they brought us back and in another few minutes we were up 30. Now

Insiders Club-4-25-2013 Bookmark


This has been some interesting day. All manner of things they absolutely hated just days ago like gold and materials and oil are doing fantastic. But the leaders like medicine have been struggling. Okay, simple sector rotation or a real change of the guards? Hard to say.

Insiders club-4-24-20132 Bookmark


Heading into the last hour we have the DOW off 12, the S&P up 3. I tend to think they want to  pull off a green across the board close. But like most "pause" days it's a bit of a struggle for them.


Insiders Club-4-23-2013 Bookmark


Well by now you might already know that a short time back someone hacked the AP twitter accounts and put out a fake twitter blurb. Basically they said that there were two explosions at the White house and that the President had been injured.

Insiders Club-4-22-2013 Bookmark



Ha! From down 80 to up 25, they managed a bounceback and got it. So, as much as I don't like these "wandering" kind of days, I went and took the NKE and the BMY. So for the first time in several days, I have

Insiders Club-4-19-2013 Bookmark


Everyone is fixated on the Boston situation, and the market has taken a back seat to all of it. The DOW off 60, and most of the damage coming from IBM who missed their earnings. If it wasn't for IBM, the DOW would actually be "up".

Insiders Club-4-18-2013 Bookmark



Well, my guess that maybe this wasn't over yet has come true as we've been down about 100 points for a while now. The market has been feeling heavy, and the volumes have been "up" on down market days. They've been scaling out and I

Insiders Club-4-17-2013 Bookmark


The market has not done a lot since the initial plunge down to the DOW -170 level this morning. There's been a  few fits and starts higher, especially not long ago when the news outlets started talking about the police making an arrest in the Boston tragedy.

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