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Insiders Club - 4.30.2014 Bookmark


Well here we are. The Fed's released their statement and as usual it denies conventional wisdom. According to them, the economy really perked up and expanded. Yet just this morning we learned that GDP came in + 0.1%, and frankly was RED without some real gimmickry. So just

Insiders Club - 4.29.2014 Bookmark


Morning all.....

Just a quick note this morning before I shove off for the day.

It's pretty rare that I'm not here for a day during market hours, but as I told you all last week, my wife and kids got me a great

Insiders Club - 4.28.2014 Bookmark


Hi all

Well, the word is that the weather will be "shaky" tomorrow, but it isn't written in stone that we can't go. We are going to delay the start of the trip and take a wait and see attitude. So, with a later start, maybe I'll

Insiders Club - 4.25.2014 Bookmark


Well it is obvious that our combo platter of poor earnings, a resistance level and the mess that keeps escalating in Ukraine has got them deciding that it is wiser to pull back a bit rather than splurging on stocks. At 2:15 the DOW was off 161 points

Insiders Club - 4.24.2014 Bookmark


What an interesting day. After the big slew of earnings we got last night and this morning, the market seemed giddy, the media announcers were gushing and you could almost feel like they felt "this is it, the big push". But, the S&P charged to the 1885 level

Insiders Club - 4.23.2014 Bookmark


Oh this is rich. Evidently Warren Buffet is going to be on CNBC at 3 pm, presumably to tell us how wonderful things are. Naturally they'll hang on every word he says because they still think he's such a fine upright investor. Swell.

The market has

Insiders Club - 4.22.2014 Bookmark


Let the madness continue!

The S&P is just 9 points away from it's all time closing high. The DOW is up 90 points. The cast on CNBC is almost orgasmic in joy.

And the grand theater plays on.

Is there any volume

Insiders Club - 4.21.2014 Bookmark


We got blindsided this morning with a stupid downgrade on NFX and it hit my stop before I could remove it. So, instead of being up 50 cents like we were last week, we lost 20 cents. swell. Things like out of the blue downgrades are really hard

Insiders Club - 4.17.2014 Bookmark


I'd like to offer you all up a great Holiday wish. For millions, this season is ultra important and I understand that. So, by all means, please enjoy it in the spirit you think appropriate.

Sometimes we need a "season" marked on a calendar to force

Insiders Club - 4.16.2014 Correction Post Bookmark


So, we popped otu of the gate and here we sit, hovering around the opening highs. We've been up over 100, down a bit, up a bit and even now sitting at +94.

We could just as easily fade back to flat

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