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Insiders Club 5-29-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.29.2009 at 10:25 am

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Ahh, I sure do, so lets have a quick chat.

Yesterday we told you all that we had gone into the GDX, which is the basket of gold miners, etc.

Insiders Club 5-28-2009 Bookmark

 Insiders Update at 2:45

The other day I mentioned I like the GDX if it would pull down. Well yesterday it did just that. Unfortunatley it gapped today and we didn't want to buy the big gap open. Well after watching all day, it didn't look too

Insiders Club 5-27-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 2:40 PM

Well that stunk! Wow.

Okay, lets chat about that disaster.

Today I bought NGD which is a long term hold that I don't even have a stop on. It's a cheap gold stock with a decent future.

Insiders Club 5-26-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

7 PM

I mentioned today that I might put out another update this evening and well, this is it. The market put on a pretty good showing considering that things weren't nearly as rosy as they tried to make it. But the real

Insiders Club 5-24-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.25.2009

I certainly hope you are all enjoying your Holiday weekend as much as I am!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with a great older couple that used to be our next door neighbors. Isn't that what it's all

Insiders Club 5-22-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.22.2009

Good afternoon folks.

Just a note to let you know I'm alive and breathing. Since we sold our MOO, UYM, IPI, and half of ARAY yesterday, the market's been in the tumble dryer getting tossed around. Yesterday we got nicked for

Insiders Club 5-21-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.21.2009

Good morning folks, let's chat a bit.

Yesterday you could sense that I had a bit of the nilly willy's, and that's why we took the profits on MOO and IPI. This morning it's evident that we did the right

Insiders Club 5-20-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.20.2009

Good "mid day" folks, lets chat

The market came out of the gate looking to romp, and romp it did. If you recall I suggested that if the S&P stayed above 900, they'd use that as the lever to pull the DOW

Insiders Club 5-19-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 5.19.2009

Good "mid day" folks. Lets chat for a minute about where we are and what we're seeing.

My guess that the market would at least try and assert itself higher came true for us, as we pushed up over 900 in

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