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Insiders Club 5-31-2011 Bookmark


1:00 pm

Hi guys, I've been back in the saddle for a while now watching what's going on. Frankly I thought we'd hold more of the morning "oomph" than we have, but at least we're still up 50 and all our stuff is looking pretty

Insiders Club 5-27-2011 Bookmark



As expected we ran green and then "stopped" and have been hovering ever since. The pending home sales falling 25% YOY took some wind out of their sails earlier, but they brought it all back up and I suspect they'll cruise into the close

Insiders Club 5-26-2011 Bookmark



My call for a green day didn't look so hot this am, as we were down 50 points, but I said I thought we'd "green up" and indeed we have. As I'm typing this at 2:50 we have the DOW up 39, the S&P

Insiders Club 5-25-2011 Bookmark



Three big programs fired off, taking the market from + 24 to +78 since 3 pm. I grabbed the SPY at 132.64, which filled me up pretty well.

They definitely wanted to avoid a 4 day drop, something that's not happened since

Insiders Club 5-24-2011 Bookmark



I called for a flat day and boy has it been flat. For most of the day they've hugged the unchanged line, and even now heading into the last hour with short covering we only have 11 DOW points and 1 S&P point.

There' wasn't much

Insiders Club 5-23-2011 Bookmark



Okay, the warfare is officially on.

We've been down 155, we've been down 120. As I'm typing this, an hour+ into the day we have the DOW off 132. The S&P is below it's 50 day moving average and that's the high water mark they're

Insiders Club 5-20-2011 Bookmark



Bombs away? 

Not so fast. We've seen this movie before, and it usually ends differently. Yes we're down 80 but we've been down 145 and ended green. as much as the market is heavy, as much as we're slowing, as much

Insiders Club 5-19-2011 Bookmark



Right after I sent out the update at 10:40 a bit more selling hit. We had just drifted red and then a few waves of downward pressure hit. For all intents they could have gone all the way down and retested the moving averages,

Insiders Club 5-18-2011 Bookmark



A few stumbles out of the gate as expected, but now at 10:31 we're in the green across the board. Granted, not by much but green none the less.

I did sell some SPY this am, and kept half. It wasn't much, but in

Insiders Club 5-17-2011 Bookmark



They keep trying to run the market, and it keeps running out of steam. But the important part is still that the S&P hasn't lost it's 50 day, meaning that at any moment the techno traders could step in and just blast us higher.

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