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Insiders Club - 5.30.2014 Bookmark


We opened slightly "pink" and rolled a bit lower from there. But then as we approached 10 am, we got the Chicago PMI which was one of the more imaginative reports I've seen lately. The report came out at 65.5, a massively large number and if it had

Insiders Club- 5.29.2014 Bookmark


Well that was interesting. All day the market hugged the flat line, not willing to move much, and on absolutely horrid volume. But then at 2:30 "Someone" stepped in with a 1.4 BILLION dollar order to buy 10K eMini's in one shot. That instantly lifted the indexes to

Insiders Club - 5.28.2014 Bookmark


A long boring grinding day. A "pause" day if I ever saw one. Now it is true that sometimes a couple pause days in a row leads to some selling but I don't think that's what we're in for here just yet. I think they need to catch

Insiders Club - 5.27.2014 Bookmark


I'm sort of chicken here. While we're up 66 points, and that's great...I really expected to be up more. Maybe there will be more to come... but for now they're playing meek.

I took LM and CRM today. But LM just didnt' seem to be

Insiders Club-b5.23.2014 Bookmark


They're putting on a nice show of Bravado, and "in your face" as they levitate the markets into the 3 day weekend. i guess this is the "stick in the eye" to Putin who was interviewed live this morning and said some things that the US doesn't much

Insiders Club - 5.22.2014 Bookmark


Well here we go again. They've driven the S&P back to just 5 points away from the 1900 level, which is the grand prize for these guys. They want it bad. But we hit it April 3rd and faded , then May 13th and faded. Now we're within

Insiders Club - 5.21.2014 Bookmark


Ever since this morning's jump out of the box, we've been trading sideways in a channel where the DOW is up anywhere from 110 to 150ish. Usually when we get days like that, we sit in that range all day and then very slightly roll off at the

Insiders Club - 5.20.2014 Bookmark


Wheres' the love?? yesterday they called in every favor they could find to eek out a gain on the lowest volume day of the year, and today we've begun the show with a market that dropped right out of the gate. by 9:50 we had the DOW off

Insiders Club - 5.19.2014 Bookmark


Well they've eeked out another "win" following the heels of Friday's small gain. One could make the case that the rebound hasn't been that big, with the DOW up just 24, but seeing the S&P up 7 shows they're buying. Likewise the XLF is green on the day,

Insiders Club - 5.16.2014 Bookmark


Oh look. all day long the market was down about 10 points. Then we came into the last hour and "boom" up we went. We're up now 5.5 S&P points and 39 DOW points.


After two huge down days, they're going to want

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