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5.25.2017 Bookmark


Morning all, it's Thursday and all time high day to boot. 

Yesterday, after the FOMC meeting minutes were released the market grumbled for a little while and then decided it was going to go up despite what the minutes said. What better way to respond to the Fed's who stated that they were aware of "asset valuations" being high, than to blst to all time new highs??  

5.24.2017 - ALL TIME HIGHS! Bookmark

Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday. Today's free newsletter is posted and in the commentary section, we are talking about .380 the "ammo" and if it is acceptable for a self defense round. This comes after I had posted a letter on Sunday and in it I mentioned that I had changed my carry gun, and it is chambered in .380.  That got me some push back from "those guys" that seem to think that anything short of a cannon is too small.  We talk about that and the incredible developments in ammo technology. Is .380 good enough? It is today. 

We also talk about the market hitting an all time high again today. For no really good reason, in the face of June rate hikes, while digesting fading fundamentals, we inched our way to glory. Yet it came on punk volume. Is it the start of a new leg higher, or like the March first all time high, will it fade off and we trend sideways again? We talk about it all. 

5.24.2017 Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

The .380


I knew it would happen, it always happens. Over the weekend while talking “off topics” in my last article, I had mentioned I had changed my personal concealed carry gun from a Ruger LCP to a Barretta Pico. It is chambered in .380. I should have started counting the seconds after it was sent, because I knew someone would write in and give me noise about carrying a .380 for self defense.  This was the first and most colorful of them. (exactly as I received it for special effect)

5.24.2017 Bookmark


Good morning, happy Wednesday to you....

They tried and tried but couldn't pull it off. They got us to 2400 yesterday and we spent the bulk of the session trying to get past it. We'd bump into it, fade, bump into it, fade....on and on

5.23.2017 Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Tuesday. 

So, yesterday was day three of the bounce from last Wednesday's dump out day. We ended the day just 10 points shy of the all time high on the S&P. Even the IWM got into the game this time, as it eeked out surpassing its 50 day moving average by a fraction of a point.  The volumes weren't horrible, but they weren't great either. For example, on the Wednesday sell off we traded  172 million shares. Then Thursday it was 107 million and Friday 115 million. But Monday, we only managed 60 million. 

5.22.2017 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to a new week.  As always I hope your weekend was a good one for you.  Down here in Florida, it "looks" like the weather might finally be changing seasons. It's sort of odd down here, as there's a rainy season and a dry season. Somewhere around late October, it simply stops raining. You "might' get a quick sprinkle now and then but for the most part it's simply blue and sunny. Well this year the dry season has been so bad, there's been tens of thousands of acres burned, water restrictions, etc.  It hadn't rained here in 5 months

5.20.2017 - Avoiding the Madness for a Day Bookmark

Hey all, today's Free Newsletter is posted and in it we are NOT talking about Trump, Comey, the FBI, Special Prosecutors, Seth Rich, Clinton, Social justice warriors, or anything remotely connected. Nope, we need a break. So today we look at some breaking news concerning Vaccinations, Salt and my change of personal concealed carry weapon. 


Of course in the "market" section we talk about Wednesday's big plunge and the resulting bounce on Thursday and Friday. Was that it? Was Wednesday a one day wonder? Are the technicals all fixed, is it "full steam ahead?"  Or... was Thursday and Friday a dead cat bounce?  Check it out, it's worth the read. 

5.20.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Off Topics
I’m not going there today. Nope.  No Trump, no special prosecutor, no Seth Rich mysterious murder cover up, etc.  Today I’m going off topic on several issues. Why? One, to take a break from it all...but two...because sometimes the things you’ve been told and might even believe are not always set in stone. . So, let’s go off the reservation a bit, and talk about a few different subjects.

5.19.2017 Bookmark


Good morning folks, another Friday has rolled up on us.

Yesterday became a bit comical to me. When  I sent out the 1 pm update the  DOW had come way off the morning high and was up just 38 points. The S&P was up just 4. There were a few wiggles that suggested that it might even go red.  But then "they" whom ever you wish to call them, all decided that it was time to buy things up and they had the DOW up 110 by 2:15. The S&P?  Up 14. 

5.18.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, happy Thursday to you. 

No need to hash out yesterday.  With the buzz about impeachment reaching fever pitch, it was the reason ( or the excuse)  for a high volume sell off.  The SPY traded 172 million shares, the highest volume day we've seen in many months. Most of it to the downside.

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