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Insiders Club 6-30-2009 Bookmark

 3 PM Update


Go figure right? This morning as we were ducking and weaving, trying not to take a hit, STX dipped from 10.50 down to our entry and torched off our stop sell "flat". So, what happened just 5 minutes later? It roared right back up to 10.50.

Insider's Club 6-29-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update



Good morning folks, welcome to another session of '"as the market turns". I trust you all had a great weekend and are ready to buckle down and get serious? No? well I can sure relate to that. I had to

Insiders Club 6-28-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Hello folks, how's your weekend going? Well I hope, so lets try and make it even better.

By all means please read the FIR Sunday to get a real feel for what's been going on in our minds here, and then this

Insiders Club 6-26-2009 Bookmark


1:50 pm

You all know the adage "hindsight is 20/20" right? Well I wish I had some yesterday when I was debating all day if I should sell half of the ORCL along with the SDTN and STP we sold. Why? As unluck would have it,

Insiders Club 6-25-2009 Bookmark

Update 4 pm

Well wasn't that fun? On a day when our Fed head lied to his questioners for 4 hours and initial jobless claims rose and continuing claims rose, we tacked on 172 DOW points. Does that make sense? Not to any rational thinking

Insiders Club 6-24-2009 Bookmark

 Insiders Club Update 6.24.2009


 12:25 update

As the market pulled off it's high, I decided to play cautious. I've sold half that ORCL at 21.71. That gives me a quick thousand dollars on the trade, and still leaves 2000 shares in play. I will let that

Insiders Club 6-23-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 6.23.2009

9:45 am

Yesterday  the market played by my script. We had the biggest down day we've seen in several months. So, although my prediction for a sell off has come true, the next part of all this is much harder

Insiders Club 6-22-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update 6.22.2009

9:45 am

Good morning folks, let's have a quick chat. I hope you all had a great fathers day, I did despite more horrid weather up here in the Northeast. Oh well, hopefully that will change one day too.

Insiders Club 6-19-2009 Bookmark

1 PM update

Well we should have taken the dollar in profit on the UNG, because this afternoon it dipped down and fired off our stop right at our entry. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained right? Frankly the country is swimming in Natgas, we have more of

Insiders Club 6-18-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


1:45 pm

Well it's an interesting day so far, but unfortunately it hasn't proven much to me. So, lets chat for a few minutes.

We all know the history. Monday and Tuesday we lost 300

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