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Insiders Club 6-30.-2010 Bookmark



Well here's a broken record I can repeat. The market is choppy and running in place. We've been on both sides of the "unchanged line' and really nothing much is going on. I feel they want to make a move

Insiders Club 6-29-2010 Bookmark



Still no real push going on out there folks. We saw the DOW fall to -270 and then they pushed us up to just - 220 which was a good bounce and I did do a bit of SPY daytrading, but overall, it

Insiders Club 6-28-2010 Bookmark

 Update 3:16


I sold half the AAPL on it's spike higher,at 269.41.. Okay, so I got my money back from getting stopped out and a little bit more.

I still have 300 shares that I will carry with a stop at my entry






I took

Insiders Club-6-27-2010 Bookmark

The Case for Silver.. and what to do about it.

For a long time now I've told you that I think silver has the ability to be a major performer. But, most of you don't own any and don't know where to get it. Then there are a

Insiders Club 6-25-2010 Bookmark



Well we opened flat, then went green. I did go ahead and buy CLF and for a moment I looked like a genius. I took it  on at 55.04, and it was soon 55.60. But then the market decided to roll red, and CLF

Insiders Club 6--24-2010 Bookmark


Well it's not really a "rug pull" as I expected but we have been down 101, and down 56 and now down 81. They are definitely doing all they can to keep the wheels from falling off. I suspect that if the quarter end wasn't next

Insiders Club 6-23-2010 Bookmark

 Insiders Club Update

Okay, we just heard the FOMC decision and it was something of a carbon copy of all the other boring releases they put out. Yes there was the tiniest bit of a hint of "reality" in there, but overall they are whistling

Insiders Club 6-22-2010 Bookmark



Well Folks, I think I was right, they are just treading water trying to figure out what the FED is going to do or say.. Well I already told you what they'd do, NOTHING. But it's a good bet the market does absolutely nothing

Insiders Club 6-18-2010 Bookmark



Well this day is playing out about right. Lots of chop.. a couple good surges, but some very strange action here and there.

I took a small position in VISN, more as a gamble than anything else.. I took it at 3.20

Insiders Club 6-17-2010 Bookmark

 12:42 pm

 High guys, I just want to post a note here for you all.

I have recieved about 11 emails asking why I'd want to sell the VXX. In fact I'm going to post one of them that just came in....


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