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Insiders-Club 6.30.2011 Bookmark


2:45 pm

Well, well. What to do? the market is up 4 days in a row. We've got some nice gains working. Am I to believe we make it 6? I understand about the idea of new month/new money, but

Insiders Club6-29-2011 Bookmark



They ran this market much further than I thought they could and we latched on to 3 plays earlier. I took CRZO at 40.01/02
I took RVBD at 39.00
I took ANR at 45.44

All of them have done

Insiders Club 6-28-2011 Bookmark



Wow that was an interesting open to say the least. With all the things going on around the world, one might wonder why we were up 100 DOW points by 10:15. But then again that is the way of the financial markets. When it would make

Insiders Club 6-27-2011 Bookmark



Well well, a good solid bounce, and not one where all the gains came in the premarket where you couldnt' get into it.

As much as I think this is nothing but a technical oversold wonder, since we fell so hard

Insiders Club 6-24-2011 Bookmark



I had a hunch that they'd look at the action from yesterday and figure.. "did we lose our minds?" After the bulk of the short sellers covered, taking us from down 200 to down just 59, they had an evening to look at

Insiders Club 6-23-2011 Bookmark



Well isn't this something? After being down 240 points, then hovering around - 165, we were plunging at 2:56 pm. Then all of a sudden "boom" up we went. From down 196 points to down just 88 as I write this. So, what now?

Insiders Club 6-22-2011 Bookmark



Well I've heard all I really need to hear from Bernanke.

Steve Liesman asked him flat out if the FOMC was looking at any additional stimulus, and Bernanke said that "we're in a different time". In his words what he said was

Insiders Club 6-21-2011 Bookmark




Well is this something or what? Earlier this am, the Euro spiked against the dollar, as they hope something good will come out of Greece's vote tonight at 5 pm. So, what happens when the dollar falls? oil and commodities go up.

Insiders Club 6-20-2011 Bookmark




This is still too much like daytrading. Although the market is still up nicely, it's not roaring any higher it's become sort of range bound. The SPY has run right up to 128 and hit a brick wall, rolling back

Insiders Club 6-17-2011 Bookmark


Let's recap and then I'll bare my soul a bit...

Yesterday they bounced us a bit on nothing really. Then last night the IMF must have put a gun to Germany's head and demanded they get on the wagon and help bail out

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