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Insiders Club-6.28.2013 Bookmark


What a wild day. Well, not so wild really, but an interesting day to say the least. Yesterday i talked about the miners and how even morning star thinks that many of them are 5 star rated investments. so I said that those 5 were without a

Insiders Club-6-27-2013 Bookmark


I'm watching the madness as it continues, and I'm actually chuckling to myself. I remember back to days where a market's overall direction was based on the strength of the underlying economy, and the profit potential of the companies that made up the index. Now all of that means

Insiders Club-6-26-2013 Bookmark


It is probably a good thing that I'm so terribly distracted working on solving "Sandy" issues, because if I was focused purely on the market I'd be going through all manner of fits. As it is, I'm trying not to laugh out loud at the lunacy being

Insiders Club-6-25-2013 Bookmark


Running in place. That's what today feels like.

We came out of the gate with a big head of steam, and then it sort of fizzled. Then back to the morning's highs, then another fizzle. Up and down, but not getting too far.

Insiders Club-6-24-2013 Bookmark


This morning I said I wanted to see what the lunch crowd was going to do with the big down morning. Sure enough the DOW set a quadruple bottom at the 14,550 level right at the magic cocktail hour. From there we've shot right up, now just

Insiders Club-6-21-2013 Bookmark


It isn't every day the DOW plunges for 350 points, nor is it terribly common to drop almost 600 points in two days. But we've done it. Just the mere thought that Benjamin might go ahead and cut back on the billions he pumps into the system

Insiders Club-6-20-2013 Bookmark


There are so many twists and turns going on right now it is almost impossible to list them all. We know Japan's markets are having huge issues over their bond market action. Carry trade issues are squeezing  Europe by the  neck. Bernanke says he wants QE to

Insiders Club-6-19-2013 Bookmark



We've entered the twilight zone. While Bernanke's statement basically said that there'll be no tapering right away, the market has gone on one of the most volatile rides I've seen in a long time. We spiked higher, then instantly fell almost 80. Then back up

Our Investment Track Record 2009 Bookmark

The year 2009 was a very interesting year. While 2008 was one of our most profitable years ever as we went short the market during the crash, 2009 turned out to be

Insiders Club-6-18-2013 Bookmark


You can't keep a fraud market down.

Today we've far surpassed the point where I think they'll sell us off hard into the close. Most of the volue is to the upside and while the overall volume is still punk, as long as they're

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