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Insiders Club - 6.30.2014 Bookmark


The market opened a bit punk, as they couldn't find the spark to ignite the magic levitation machines. But then out of the blue they came up with a much better than expected Pending home sales figure, and "boom" from down 35, we were down just 7 points

June 29th Free Investment Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Good afternoon everyone, just a couple quick notes. The Financial Intelligence Report for June 29 is up and as always it is free of charge. Please enjoy the read. Next up, many of you know by now that our friend Jacquie had to pull out of the Race across America,

Insiders Club - 6.27.2014 Bookmark


We've been running in place with very low volume and very low volatility since the open. Here we are an hour into the day and the market is about where it was when it started.

I am amazed that I didn't get stopped on TWTR, as it

Insiders Club - 6.26.2014 Bookmark


Well looky here! Wasn't the market down 121 this morning? Yep. Was there ANY good news? Nope.

Yet at 2 pm we're down just 25 now.

I laugh and poke fun at it, because it is so desperate, so in your face. But,

Insiders Club - 6.25.2014 Bookmark


Well it's been something of a wishy washy sort of day. They keep trying to run it, but then it stalls out and retreats a bit. But the fact is that for most of the day it has remained green.

I did go ahead and take

Insiders Club - 6.24.2014 Bookmark


Well this is some funny stuff. "Somehow" the consumer confidence rose to highs not seen since 2008. Isn't that amazing since their trust in Congress has fallen to the lowest levels ever, Obama's numbers are now running below bush and even Carter, Iraq is on fire, Ukraine

Insiders Club - 6.23.2014 Bookmark


Hi all, sorry I'm so late. Today just isn't going our way. My "chipped" tooth is not chipped it's cracked in half, thank you... I am now sporting a temporary cap. Swell. Then I get back to the office and there's no net. Hmm. Fiddle with this

Insiders Club - 6.20.2014 Bookmark


Our trailing stop on TGT was fired this morning. In at 58.01, TGT traded as high as 59.32 yesterday, but today it is in retreat and we took our 50 cent gain on 800 shares.

That does leave us with the following....

500 SD

Insiders Club - 6.19.2014 Bookmark


What a long boring day. After a few sparks at the open, the market has settled back and for the bulk of the day we've been just slightly below the unchanged line. Interestingly the S&P hasn't had a full 1% move up or down in over 42 days,

Insiders Club - 6.18.2014 Bookmark


So, the Fed's cut another 10 billion in the tapering process, bringing the total down to 35 billion. That's cut into two parts, 15 bill for Mortgage backed securities and 20 billion in Treasuries. They say the economy is still pretty soft so being highly accommodative is still

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