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6.30.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


It just gets more curious by the day. After literally leading the charge for the Brit's to leave the EU, Boris Johnson has now announced he's stepping down and won't run for Prime Minister of the UK. Go figure.

6.29.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday....

It took them the bulk of the day to get brave, but yesterday afternoon they shed the last of their jitters and started to buy up anything not nailed down. While there was no fundamental reason for the widespread buying, the common consensus is that they feel the Central banks of the world will "double down" their monetary stimulus and pave over the issues with more free money

6.28.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


It had to come and it looks like today it will.  We all knew there had to be a bounce, and I actually bought into the SPY yesterday in anticipation of it. But it didn't work, I stopped out.  I had thought seriously of buying back in at the close, simply because the market can't just go down every day, but I didn't tell you guys I'd try that, so...I didn't.

6.27.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good Morning all, welcome to the start of what could be an incredibly interesting week.

As you all know, Thursday evening brought us the decision by the UK to leave the EU, and it caused such an uproar that the DOW fell 610 points on Friday.  Then over the weekend, the back and forth dialog between differing opinions was simply staggering.

We heard that Scotland might try and stop the UK from Leaving. We heard that petitioners were pushing for another vote.  We heard that the EU was going to on one hand push them out quickly while on the other, doing what they could to make this a long drawn out process. We heard that England would go broke, we heard that England would thrive.  All in all, we learned what I said Sunday morning…we have no idea what comes next

6.22.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark



The things we are living through lately are truly historic in nature. If you sit back a bit and consider the big picture, we’re not living through just one incredibly interesting situation; we’ve got multiple issues taking place.


Can you feel it? Can you feel that nagging sensation that “something” is really wrong? Do you get the feeling that you’re going to wake up one day and find that something major has happened?  I know you do, because most people with their eyes open all say the same thing. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s out there. Like some monster lurking in the dark.


6.24.2016 - History is Made! Bookmark

History is being made today folks. Despite doing all they could to rig the British vote, the people had overwhelmed them and have decided to LEAVE the European Union. This is indeed big news.

Not because it's going to fundamentally change the economics in England as the elitists have suggested would happen; but because the whole European Union "test tube" could be on the verge of unraveling.

The EU was like a pilot program for a one world centrally planned government. They figured if they could cobble 28 different "tribes" together and make it work, they could try the entire world. But it hasn't gone well. Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are broke. England just said "stick it" we're tired of Brussels telling us what we can do. This is indeed a very big step.

6.24.20165 - Insiders Club Bookmark



The other day I penned a letter and I titled it "historic".  The Wednesday letter was about all the historic things we have going on. Negative interest rates, mass Muslim migration, the push for a new cold war with Russia, etc.  

Well today more history has just made the books. Despite the rigging, despite the fear mongering, the British people voted to LEAVE the EU.   ALL the polling was political baloney. All the exit polls were perverted. The ONLY thing that was correct was google analytics, which suggested that Britain would indeed leave. 

6.23.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another whacky day. 

I rolled out of the sack this am, got my act together, grabbed some java and flipped on a monitor. There it was... DOW futures up 200. S&P up 20.  Naturally I knew that it was the result of exit polls in the UK, and they are tending to lean toward Britain staying in the EU. 

So the whole world got "jiggy with it" so to speak. Germany's up big, most of Europe is up big.  Of course it makes not a lick of sense, and after the initial enthusiasm some amount of reality will creep back in. 

6.22.2016 - Tune In Today! Bookmark

Today on our show "The SRQ Review" we're going to have a two hour special, with the topic being "gun control". We'll have two debates, and several people giving their commentary.  I think it's going to be a good show and I ask you all to listen in. We broadcast live from 4-6 PM on 106.9 FM and 1220 AM.  For those that can't hear it because of the distance, you can stream it by going to wsrqradio.com

The idea is education. If you're for more gun control, no one on the other side is going to change your mind. If you're for less gun control no one on the other side is going to change your mind. The purpose is to show both sides of the argument to those folks that haven't made up their minds about the issue. So, listen in it should be fun. 

6.22.2016- Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Wednesday. 

So.....yesterday we had Yellen chatting with Congress and today we get day two of the event. Chances are pretty strong that she's not going to say anything new today, so she should be a non event. 

The one thing that is still an "event" is the British vote on leaving the EU. That is the big talk of the day, as they continue to try and measure the polls. So far it is actually too close to call, and the market will react to each and every news headline that suggests a stay or leave. 

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