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Insiders Club-7-31-2012 Bookmark


Well I have made my moves and now I'm on auto pilot. I sold the MRO and got a full dollar per share. I sold the GDX and got $1.21 per share. I sold 300 of the SPY and got $2.92 per share.  ( I am carrying

Insiders Club-7-30-2012 Bookmark


We've spent the bulk of the day hanging just below the unchanged line. It felt like every time I glanced at the monitor, the DOW was off 20. But it feels like they'll make their little push for green coming into the last hour.

Insiders Club-7-27-2012 Bookmark


It would appear that my feeling that we'd end the day red, might be well off the mark. We've been up 90 up 60 up 80 all morning. But we are at those danger zones. the DOW is just under 13,000.. and the S&P has reached the

Insiders Club-7-26-2012 Bookmark


Well that was quite the interesting open eh? We opened big, and pushed and pushed higher, eventually hitting + 256 on the DOW. Then we entered the first pull back of the day and presently we sit with the DOW up 162.

So we

Insiders Club -7-25-2012 Bookmark


The hopes of gushing rivers of free digital money has them literally begging at this point. the DOW is holding a 103 point gain, as they feverishly look toward Benji to come through with the bucks

Granted this could be a one day bounce and

Insiders Club-7-24-2012 Bookmark


It seems that we've gotten the direction correct "so far". How long that holds is anyone's guess. We dipped down we came up, we stuttered, you name it. But the fact is, we're still down 90.  they're trying to defend 1340 on the S&P and they've been

Insiders Club-7-23-2012 Bookmark



It seems I picked a good morning to be away from the nightmare that is Wall Street. Trader Rob called me this am, to say the futures were down 170 and by the time I could get to some wifi, it was looking

Insiders Club-7-20-2012 Bookmark



Thanks to trader Rob's keen eye, he alerted me that  HAL reports monday am, ahead of the bell. I will NOT hold it over now I will sell it here. Okay so we took in over a dollar a share on 600 shares. Better

Insiders Club-7-19-2012 Bookmark

We have been all over the map. Down 20, up 60. Now up 21. there's struggles with technical levels, struggles with economic news, struggles with tension in the Mid East.

Yet obviously they haven't let it completely die. I don't trust this at all, Be

Insiders Club-7-18-2012 Bookmark


Well this is an interesting day.  We just heard Bernanke say the same things he said yesterday, and the market is still up 87 points. Why? Good question.

We were set up nicely for a bounce after Friday's big 200 point gain. Benji assured

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