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Insiders Club 8-31-2010 Bookmark



We're "up" but in a tight range. Materials, coals, etc, are doing well, and I did take BTU at exactly 43.50. It was as high as 43.65 and as low as 43.40 since I've taken it.

I don't feel comfy holding

Insiders Club 8-30-2010 Bookmark




I have to toll you, even if they pick up the pace later in the day, it's been awful slow for them today.

We roll up a bit, we roll down a bit.. but overall, we aren't going

Insiders Club 8-27-2010 Bookmark



You are being witness to some incredible baloney here folks.

First we have to chat about the inverse ETF's. right now I'm pretty ticked off about the way they are acting. As I said this am, just a few days ago

Insiders Club 8-26-2010 Bookmark



Well this is quite the boring day. they are doing their best to keep  us green and they're pulling it off.. but it's not much. Frankly I thought they could do better than this.

I guess I could lie to you

Insiders Club 8-25-2010 Bookmark



Well folks.. it's the volatile mess I figured it would be. We opened very weak on the durable goods numbers, fell 100, then as usual they clawed their way back and of course we're now above 10K again and we're not much away from

Insiders Club 8-24-2010 Bookmark




Okay folks, I took the TZA when it dipped below and then back over 39.05. I'm in at 39.07


I am nervous about it because of the fraud we see here today.. we were down 180 and they brought us back to down 60.

Insiders Club 8-23-2010 Bookmark



Okay folks, the market roared out of the gate, but soon lost it's mojo and now we're just up about 25 DOW points.  You can almost feel the fact that they don't have the volume to keep it running.

That's not

Insiders Club 8-20-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

4:55 PM

Guys, let's chat.

This is the "hard stuff" to talk about, so lets just get to it.

You all know that a few weeks ago the web site blew up. For the most part you all took it pretty

Insiders Club 8-19-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, this is really interesting. Yes I thought they'd keep us "slightly up" all week to burn off the put buyers. But today's economic news was so horrid, they don't seem to either be able to, or want to hold us up.

Insiders Club 8-18-2010 Bookmark



Well that stunk out loud. We took CREE at 60.20. It runs to 60.70 and rolls over. I could have taken the fifty cents, or twenty five or even a dime. Nope, I held to the stop and "blammo" gone. From up 70 cents

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