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Insiders Club-8-31-2012 Bookmark



Okay, the morning has been nuts. We opened big and were up 116 points. Then the air came out and we fell almost 100 points. Then right back up to where we are now + 100. What's all that about? Mostly the Robots. The algo's

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High all, first off let me explain the bizarro post this am about Costco...

I put COST out as one of our watch stocks yesterday.  here was the list...

NUAN over 24.30 looks interesting
COST over 97.25 could break free

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The market's a bit perkier today than it has been on either Monday or Tuesday as they continue to jockey around for position. Today's Beige book report was actually more upbeat than recent reports have been and the market didn't fade off on

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The market has been in a really tight range all day, and there's simply no volume. No one's doing anything with the RNC, and Bernanke, and the German vote, etc...

We are simply sitting on our two short term positions, and none

Insiders Club-8-27-2012 Bookmark


Well, the day has been more of a long grind than I expected. I didn't think we'd roar higher, but I did think they'd put a few points on. So far we're remarkably flat.

We're simply sitting on the two positions we picked up,

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We were just grinding along, down a couple points when all of a sudden... boom, up we went. Obviously someone said something, and sure enough there was more positive talk about QE coming. So they did the job, they got the market back up, despite nothing happening.

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This is pretty funny stuff. The chatter all day now has been that the Fed probably won't announce any more QE and that the market wouldn't care if it did. I can't even make this up.

The only reason the market was up was

Insiders Club-8-22-2012 Bookmark


NOTE>>> Earlier when I posted at 11, I listed LSCC as if I still had it. I DO NOT. I was stopped out this am on the opening dip, but strangely my system still showed me owning it at 10:45. When I actually clicked my account box,

Insiders Club-8-21-2012 Bookmark


Well, can you say "failed breakout attempt?"  Because that's just exactly what happened today and the reason I wasn't shy about taking some profits today. The market had wedged itself right up to the 4 year highs, and needed a big push to get over it. Yet

Insiders Club-8-20-2012 Bookmark



Hi all...

They dug in their heels and sure enough we're coasting into the close just barely red. This is about what I expected, maybe a bit better. I figured we'd lose 30 points or so.

We took TTWO at

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