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Insiders Club-8-30-2013 Bookmark


Down 31. Pretty much as I figured... we're just moping around on low volume. No one is willing to make the big bets. That doesn't mean we won't see some sharp jumps and steep drops, that will probably happen. But when the final bell rings, being relatively flat

Insiders Club-8-29-2013 Bookmark


What a strange day. While earlier in the day they had us up over 90 points, it didn't hold and for a bit there we almost went red. But they recovered and for the balance of the day we've hovered with the DOW up about 45.

Insiders Club-8-28-2013 Bookmark


They've managed a pretty weak bounce here. Yes for a while we were up 80 and yes they could get us there again in the last hour. But when you're talking about a market that's peeled off over 900 points in a few weeks, is a 54

Insiders Club-8-27-2013 Bookmark


Not much to say here. The market has remained very weak all day, and each move higher has been repelled. As I'm typing this at 2:40, we're actually down 162, the low of the day.

So here we are... on the verge of some form of

Insiders Club-8-26-2013 Bookmark


Ya know....it's bad enough when you're struggling with a new web site and the issues that always brings... but then when the company that does your email goes down, you're just not having a great time.

Some of you it seems, might not have gotten the

Insiders Club-8-23-2013 Bookmark


The market has indeed decided to flatline so far. We've been slightly green, slightly red and slightly green again. They did manage to get up and over the S&P 50 day moving average which is indeed bullish, but we're not sure if it can hold the day.

NASDAQ halts all trades Right After they "break" 17 minutes of Trading Bookmark

On Wednesday the 22nd, the NASDAQ composite was halted for trading as a "glitch" in their computer system. This halt is still ongoing at 1:02 pm. The iron if not funny and dangerous part of this, is that just two days earlier they "broke" all the trades placed in a

Insiders Club-8-22-2013 Bookmark


We've held up with the DOW gaining about 65 points since early in the session. Likewise the S&P is hovering a couple points below its 50 day moving average. That is despite the "big news" of the day which is that the NASDAQ has had to halt all

Fed's Minutes say they're on Track for Tapering. Sort of . Kinda. Bookmark

The minutes hit at about 2 pm, and the market hated what they heard. In a matter of moments we saw the DOW fall from – 50 to minus 122. Then the dip buyers jumped in and 20 minutes later we were down just 64. Now go ahead and tell

Insiders Club-8-21-2013 Bookmark


This is SOOOOO funny.

Okay everyone was waiting on the Fed's minutes to see if there was all manner of push back against the tapering. When the minutes hit, it looked like the robot algorithms didn't much like it. We were down 40 points and then

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