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Insiders Club - 8.29.2014 Bookmark


Well the day is a bit soggy, but certainly not a sell off. It resembles yesterday, there's no buying power, which has allowed the DOW to drift lowery by about 35 points.

Gold and silver are up a couple cents.

All in all, so far

Insiders Club - 8.28.2014 Bookmark


Sorry I'm late... The Internet has been giving me fits today as comcast is clearing the way to bury a new trunk line. But it's back up now, so let me just wrap up the day.

The market didn't roll over and fall like a rock. YET. 

Insiders Club - 8.27.2014 Bookmark


It's been a real sleeper of a day. After a quick pop at the open, we sank down to slightly red and then oscillated between slight red and slight green ever since. There was still evidence they were willing to buy energy, so I did go ahead

Insiders Club - 8.26.2014 Bookmark


They're at it again. After a sleepy but positive open, they've slowly crept the market higher and here we are a little over an hour later and we've got the DOW up 62, and the S&P up 5. Yes we've hit "all-time" highs again.

Maybe they

Insiders Club - 8.25.2014 Bookmark


Well, I'm in BAC along with the other 3 stocks and I'm none too comfy holding them with the market at nosebleed heights.

Why do I feel like this is a train wreck? Probably because there is NO correlation between the underlying economy, or the price

Insiders Club - 8.22.2014 Bookmark


They've kept the market incredibly flat considering the amount of bickering the West is doing with Russia. Both NATO and the US have demanded that Russia pull it's troops away from the border,   Here's one clip...

"Russia Must Remove Convoy in Ukraine or Face Costs"

Insiders Club - 8.21.2014 Bookmark


As you might guess, today has been really something out of the ordinary. In a week full of bad economic reports, they doctored up the Philly Fed report so much that it bears no resemblance to reality... but the algo bots loved it.

So here we are,

Insiders Club - 8.20.2014 Bookmark


The market had climbed to the +50 point level over the course of the first four hours. Then at 2 pm, we got the minutes of the last FOMC meeting and there was a lot of back and forth in the minutes about how soon they could or

Insiders Club - 8.19.2014 Bookmark


If you told me that we'd be up another 90 points after yesterday's run up, I probably would have suggested you'd be wrong. But alas, it is I that would be wrong because here we are up 90 points the day after a 170 point romp. Did I

Insiders Club - 8.18.2014 Bookmark


They got us 165 points. Sure there's no rhyme or reason for it, but here we are. As you can guess I sort of hate days like this, because it's "too much too quick".

I'm in the CAT and the JOY and they're okay. We're still watching

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