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Insiders Club 9-30-2010 Bookmark



As is usual they blasted us up, only to see the dollar gain some strength and it all came tumbling down. From up 100 we are up just 38 right now. I'm sure they'll dig in and try and keep us here.

Insiders Club 9-29-2010 Bookmark


2:05 pm

Hi guys

I took AUY, one of the smaller gold plays today . I took it at 11.50 even, although it's got a lot of selling coming at it. It seems the people that have been holding it

Insiders Club 9-28-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Morning all, welcome to the next chapter of "how the market churns".

Yesterday I sat here watching the action and the thing that came to mind was "they just won't let this die". Despite a 200 point up day on

Insiders Club 9-27-2010 Bookmark



Well it's a pretty sluggish day so far. They haven't been willing to sell us, and the volume shows that they aren't in any hurry to buy us.

I've been hunting over some charts, trying to find something else that I

Insiders Club 9-24-2010 Bookmark



Okay folks, we're in a whole new world here, where some fund manager can come on TV, tell CNBC that this is "easy" just buy stocks, and because he's up for the year, the futures rose and we are now up 200 points.

Insiders Club 9-23-2010 Bookmark



I am the ultimate broken record. I have to apologize for that, but I dont' have any other choice. We opened red today, a lot of that on the bold move by China to stop exports to Japan. There's a political game going on

Insiders Club 9-22-2010 Bookmark



Is that red I see? Well don't blink because Benji will just give Blackrock more money to go out and support the market. On Friday Blackrock dumped some 1800 13G's into the SEC's EDGAR database. The 13G is when a company files for owning more than 5% of

Insiders Club-9-21-2010 Bookmark



Well we got the nod and the wink from Bernanke and Co. and now we have to try and figure out what's next.

Bernanke laid open the door for QE2. They said a lot of the same old stuff, that the

Insiders Club 9-20-2010 Bookmark


Well folks,... I just witnessed ...I don't know what.

If you guys watched the Obama "town hall meeting" what did you think? Frankly it was a bit over the top for me. A room full of people with glassy eyes like a

Insiders Club 9-17-2010 Bookmark


11 am

What to think? Today is options expiration day, in fact its "quad day" where everything has to reset. The volume is up higher than normal lately because of all that activity. the question of course is.. do they pull the same thing as

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