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Insiders Club 9-30-2011 Bookmark


Well this is a fine kettle of fish. At about 10 am, Think or Swim "blew up". The platform has been rock steady for years and out of the blue it simply stopped working. A call to their techs gave me a recording saying they have issues

Insiders Club 9-29-2011 Bookmark


April 1.  That's the last time we saw initial jobless claims below 400K, and this morning the number hit and it was 391K, a drop of over 37K. What's that all about? During all that volatility and wicked infighting over Obama care etc, companies went on a

Insiders Club 9-28-2011 Bookmark



It's been another pretty interesting session. We've been up 117, we've been red by 95. I suggested this am, that we'd probably see them giddy in the am, but a bit weary in the afternoon session. So far that's come true.


Inisders Club 9-27-2011 Bookmark



Well this is pretty amazing stuff. According to the talking heads .. all this "up" is over some big agreement that the banks have pulled together. Interestingly however, one of the players in the banking sector says they never heard of it!!!

check this...

Insiders Club 9-26-2011 Bookmark

2:15 pm

The day isn't as strong as they'd like, and instead of getting stronger it's really having a hard time gaining traction taht will stick. Although the last hour of the day is more important then now.. I wanted to shoot you all a note

Insiders Club 9-22-2011 Bookmark


People are beginning to panic. I've listened to radio shows, call in's etc. They've seen the market fall 600 points in two days and don't understand what's happening.

Well, we know what's happening. The market wanted free money, printed money and they didn't get

Insiders Club 9-21-2011 Bookmark


Okay folks.. Bernanke did NOT do enough. My thoughts were that the FED would cut the interest rates on bank reserves which they suggested they might do. But.. it appears that they have not done that. Just doing the stupid twist is simply not enough. Granted they're

Insiders Club 9-20-2011 Bookmark


Before we get any further, I want to address the USPR for a moment. I've gotten several emails bordering on panic that it's now listed as USPRE, and it's down. Yes it is.

First a bit of history here. This is what I wrote

Insiders Club 9-19-2011 Bookmark


Well isn't this something. After bouncing around up and down all day, they timed some news out of Greece saying they're close to a "new deal" with the ECB etc to solve their problems. Right.

Of course I don't buy it, they

Insiders Club 9-16-2011 Bookmark


That was perfectly classic for an options expiration day. Now you see why we sold so many half positions yesterday. After starting out well and running up for 100 points, the market has rolled over and at 10:40 we were red on the indexes.

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