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Insiders Club-9.30.2013 Bookmark


We've been listening to the bickering going back and forth and the "shut down on/shut down off" debate all day. There's times the market seems to think a resolution is coming and we jump up a bit, and then another headline will hit saying we're 99% sure we're

Insiders Club-9.27.2013 Bookmark


Well I've spent the day watching this, and doing a lot of nothing. The question is... should we?

While I'm 100% certain that they'll work all this out and even if we shut the Government down for a couple days, it will all get "solved" by

Insiders Club-9-26-2013 Bookmark


Heading into this last hour, the market is still a sloppy mess. After the big sell off that took us from up 111 to up just 18, we've been up 58 and up just 12. We're all over the map.

I can't believe I got stopped

Insiders Club- 9.25.2013 Bookmark


Yawn. My Lord, could this get any more boring? We've got no volume and we don't even really have any volatility swings going on. The market is just sitting there.

Unless they reverse what they did yesterday and begin to buy things in the last

Insiders Club-9.24.2013 Bookmark


For most of the day they held us green, but we dipped red by a tad in the last 40 minutes. Stocks want to go, but they are facing some headwind for sure. The S&P however is holding up well, so we feel they'll probably take us green

Insiders Club- 9.23.2013 Bookmark


Morning everyone, I trust you all had a lovely weekend? Down here in Florida, fall has refused to show up as each day it still flirts with 90 degrees. Granted, we've seen a couple days where things weren't terribly oppressive, but frankly I could go for a few

Insiders Club- 9.20.2013 Bookmark


They bought the rumors and sold the news. I'm not surprised. As I said earlier they had a lot of things to unwind now that the taper has been put off. So, there's a lot of positions being sold, swapped, and traded around. So, is this important? Does

Insiders Club- 9.19.2013 Bookmark


Well, they've taken a pause day here and that's fine. They have some right to be nervous because the debt ceiling fight will probably get nasty. But while they deserve their rest, I still think the overall market direction will be up.

I have a bit

9.18.2013 Federal Reserve Decision Day! Bookmark

Today, Wednesday the 18th we're finally going to get the decision from the Federal Reserve concerning what they're going to do with their QE program. They've said since June that they felt it was time to start to remove some of the accommodation from the system, and that cause the

Insiders Club- 9.18.2013 Bookmark


Okay if you don't know, Bernanke did NOT taper. My feeling was right that he wouldn't, but boy it was close. As I've been saying for weeks, I had wobbled to the point where I felt that he still wouldn't do anything but then agreed that he

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