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4.1.2020 The free Newsletter is up Bookmark

Good evening everyone. While it's true that everyone is sick and tired of Corona Virus, the effects of this bug on our society is enormous. So today we're talking about food, as the supply chain is pretty close to breaking. We discuss stocking food and also, some basics about gardening and what you might want to include in a "survival garden." 


Of course we talk about the market, and yet another huge down day. Give it a read, it's good stuff.

3.28.2020 - You're life will NEVER be the same Bookmark

The effects of this global shut down, will reverberate for years to come. Even if the virus was halted in its tracks today, you're going to see new laws, new rules, new "normal's" of society. 


The newest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted and in this issue we talk about the things that are going to come out of this mess. A push for a digital currency? You bet. More control over you? Yep. The push for a vaccination? You bet. 


The US was not prepared for this. You are not prepared for this. Millions will lose their jobs, many will lose their businesses. So, take a  few minutes to read this issue, and then ponder for yourself, the types of changes you think you're going to see. It's scary in a way. 

3.8.2020 - WOW what a market! Bookmark

Hello everyone, are you over the shock and awe that the market gave us last week? Well hold onto your hats because more volatility is coming. In this edition of the Financial Intelligence Report, we talk about 3 things. 1) the Democratic political theater, 2) the virus and 3) the stock market. 

Frankly I'd need a book length novel to discuss each one of these, but we round it up pretty well. Do we move higher? Go lower? Is the virus going to spread further? What about supply chains? We talk about all this today, and you can find it right here:


2.16.2020 - Consequences Bookmark

Sunday's free newsletter is posted already and today we question the sanity of "just in time supply chains" considering some folks get their life sustaining medicines from overseas. If the China shutdown lasts longer than expected, what happens to folks who'd lives depend on those very medicines?


Give it a read, it might open some eyes. 

2.12.2020 - The Virus Mystery Bookmark

In tonight's free investing newsletter, we start the general commentary with  a serious question. Did this virus "escape" or was it let loose on purpose? If it was let loose on purpose, what was that purpose? Did the US or some other nation want to cripple China? Or did China itself, suffering from the costs of millions of retiree's getting pensions, turn it loose on its own people? Very disturbing reading. 

In the Market commentary, we talk about the market's incessant rise higher, and how it's happening. We discuss some of the things Jay Powell said yesterday concerning QE, and interest rates. And we ask the simple question, how long can this go on?  I think it's good reading folks, give it a shot. 

2.5.2020 - Market Madness! Bookmark

In three days the stock market has put on almost 1000 points. Why did it do that? Because in the early morning hours, a blurb was caught by our Algo's here in the states. This was what crossed the wires at 3 am:


That's all the algo's needed to turn the futures from being red by 100, to green by 240. Then after opening big, the market simply powered itself higher, to close today + 483 points. Amazing isn't it? It is, especially since there is no treatment according to the World Health Org.  But the market doesn't care about the facts, it just needs headlines it can use to move higher!


By the way, in the general commentary area of the letter, we talk about the virus in China and just how bad the real numbers might be. The Taiwan Times put up an article suggesting that there could be 24K dead, not the 400 we're hearing about. So, give  today's letter a read, it's a good one. 

2.2.2020 - Huge market plunge! Bookmark


The latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report ( the free investing newsletter) is posted on the site. In the general commentary, we talk about the SEC's new push to possibly limit your exposure to leveraged or Inverse ETF's. They question the safety and risk profile of these things for the "average" consumer.  It's total BS, but it's important that you learn what they're doing. 


In the market section we discuss Friday's big sell off, the virus's damage to global economies and if we have more downside to come. I think you'll find it a good read. 

1.29.2020 - Fed Day and Viruses! Bookmark

Hi Everyone, and welcome to Wednesday night. Today was Fed day. FOMC decision day. And while we talk about them in today's lettter, we also talk about the Chinese virus and some ways to protect yourself from being a victim. 


There are specific ways to protect yourself in an "epidemic" and we talk about that. Then of course in the market section we talk about the Feds and what they had to say today. So, give this letter a read, it's a good one. 

1.15.2020 - Earnings Madness! Bookmark

Hello Folks! Today's free investment newsletter is posted, and in it we discuss earnings season and why as traders we do NOT hold a stock over it's earnings report. Why? the risk to reward just isn't worth it. Yes you might get lucky and your stock gaps up the next morning. Or, like Target today, you come into the open with a rude 9 dollar per share gap down. 


So give tonight's letter a read, it just might help you avoid the gap down pain of holding over earnings. 

1.8.2020 - Tonight's Letter is Up! Bookmark

Well it's been a wild ride, these first 8 days of 2020. Tonight we talk about Government lies, economic lies, inflation lies, and a host of other things. 

Naturally we had to spend some time talking about the whole Iran thing, because for a while there it seemed like we were rushing towards war. But it has turned out quite different.  While we aren't out of the woods, especially since 3 old style missiles fell around Baghdad late this afternoon, we don't appear to be on the path to war. 

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