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5.18.2019 - The Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey folks, the Sunday issue of the Financial intelligence report is up now, and in this issue we look at the madness that is indeed our current state of affairs. From negative interest rates, to synchronized Central banks, we're in a time like no other. 


The Bible says there's nothing new under the sun. But I don't think they knew about high frequency trading, and negative interest rates. Neither existed, unless there were ancient aliens here. However one thing has always stayed the same, the elites dragging nations into war. It feels like one's coming. 

5.12.2019 - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Bookmark

Hey everyone, go give your mom a hug and tell her you love her. Without here there's no you, and it's important to let her know she's still important to you!

Anyway the weekend edition of the newsletter is posted, and today it's about the new law in Florida allowing for Teachers to be armed. But this time there's a bonus. A 2 year long investigation has revealed something that most gun owners understood. There's never been a single shooting in any school where the teachers have been allowed to conceal carry. Never. 


It's a good research article and I suggest you read today's letter. It's informative. Oh and of course we talk about the "NO DEAL" China trade situation. The market put in a big show of bravado after learning of no deal... will that bravado last? We chat about it. 

5.4.2019 - We're Melting Down Bookmark

Hello everyone, the new issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted. Today we're looking at the meltdown of our society and the  outright war between the far left and the right. Facebook is banning influencers because they say they spread hate. It's BS. Facebook is a criminal data gathering monopoly, and they're stomping out free speech. 

Then I post some insane headlines I gathered from around the net. The things going on are mind bending. 


In the market commentary, we talk about the jobs report, which was tarted up more than a Christmas Turkey. They're so desperate now they'll make up anything to keep this market up. 

5.1.2019 The Freebie is posted! Bookmark

Hey everyone, in today's FIR, we look at what's happening in Venezuela and ask the question, could it happen here? Spoiler: Yes it could. The war between the left and the right is going to get brutal in the next year and a half, and all hell could break loose. 


Then we talk about Powell and the FOMC meeting today. As I suggested, there was no rate hike or rate cut. But some of the things Powell did say, was indeed noteworthy. 

4.24.2019 - The free Investing Newsletter is up Bookmark

In today's edition of the Financial Intelligence Report, we talk about the problem of "going green" and how some recent studies have shown that electric vehicles are worse for polluting the planet than an old diesel engine. Maybe worse, the war on plastic bags sounds so good, but again, studies show that it takes 11 years of using a cotton tote bag to offset the pollution caused by making it. 


It's an interesting letter that might open your eyes to some things. 

In the Market section, we opine about the direction of the market, and what we think will ultimately happen as we're at the all-time highs. ( Hint, we go higher!) 

4.20.2019 - Happy Easter to You! Bookmark

Hello everyone, and a wonderful happy Easter to you all. I surely hope you enjoy it with your family and friends, and that the season resonates with you. 

The newsletter is posted and this week, we're talking about false flag events, as they're becoming more common than ever. Then in the market commentary, we discuss the failing economy, but the rising market. 

Please give it all a read, and again, Happy Easter season to you all. 

4.17.2019 - Who Done it? Bookmark

As you all know by now, Notre Dame Cathedral almost burnt to the ground this week. They're trying to tell us it was some form of construction accident, to which I call Bullshit. In France, some 875 churches have been vandalized and set on fire this past year, and I'm to believe that on Easter week, this just "happens?" 

Well I don't and we talk about that in the letter today. In the market commentary we discuss the all-time highs and if we're going to get up and over them or stall out here.  All in all, a thought provoking letter. 

4.10.2019 - Get Ready for the Slugfest Bookmark

Now that the Mueller Report is finished and the conclusion is that there was no collusion, it's my bet that Trump is going to take the gloves off and go after ALL the people that tried to set him up. If you read his books, you read his ideas about revenge, and he likes to get it. 


In today's letter, the Financial Intelligence Report, I opine about What I think Trump is going to do ( come out swinging, trying to lock up ALL of them)   You should give it a read and see if you agree. There are a lot of "investigations" going on that are going to become quite important now. 


I also talk about this market, and the upcoming earnings season. Take a minute and go read today's free newsletter. 

4.3.2019 - Mea Culpa? Bookmark

In today's letter, I first talk about the NRA elections for new board members. Folks, if you're a member PLEASE vote. Moving on, I've been told I'm not "attacking" the frauds and manipulations as hard as I used to. Am I getting soft? Not really. Not a week goes by where I'm not whining, or ranting about some injustice. Maybe it's the Central banks, maybe it's politicians, etc. 


Then of course we chat about this crazy market. The next thing in its sights are the all time highs. Will they make it? We're not that far away.  In the market commentary, I give my opinions on that. 

3.27.2019 - So, Slimy Smollett Goes Free? Bookmark

Like Really?  Are we now a Banana republic? Do we have no rule of law?  Well read today's free newsletter, because I whine about that very topic. When you're that guilty and some ex-Obama insider calls the crooked AG, and you walk free, you know that the US is sinking into third world hell. 


How very sad. 

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