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11.17.2018 - Where's the Proof? Bookmark

I'm often called out for saying such things as "the elections are being stolen" as people write me and say "Where's your proof?"  Well the proof is out there, it's simply a matter that you'll never see it on MSNBC or CNN, or even FOX. You have to hunt for it and it's getting harder all the time because the FB's and Youtube's and Twitters are scrubbing any conservative content. So, tonight we talk about all of that. 

In the market commentary we discuss whether we're looking at  the start of a year end rally, or if the gains of the last two days were nothing but an oversold bounce. I give some interesting levels to watch, so you can make your own decisions. We did take on some SPY on Thursday, and it is up over a buck for us. Now the question is, can we hold it for more?  Give the free newsletter a read, it's a pretty good one. 

11.14.2018 - Madness! Bookmark

Hi folks. In tonight's free investing newsletter, we start the general commentary with a discussion about the amount of madness we see around the world. From election fraud, to sex robot brothels, to you name it, the world has gone crazy. 

In the market view, we discuss the possibility that we're "topping out" here and that a bear market could be in the beginning stages of forming. Is that right, is the bear ready to pounce? Give tonight's letter a read, it's a good one. 

10.31.2018 - First the Invite Bookmark

Hi all!

In today's free investing newsletter, I start off with an invitation to stop by on November 1, at 8 pm to an internet show located at www.facebook.com/frontsightpress  As you know I'm a silent partner in a weapons training company and I'm going to be on the show with Mike and Julie, talking guns, ammo, and self defense. Tune it, it should be fun!

In the general commentary, we look deeper into the disaster that is the Internet censorship going on. It's really getting ugly folks, and just today the flamboyant "Milo" was blocked from doing a talk in NY.  Claiming he's the most censored gay man in the US, he called the left cowards and crybabies.  Oh how right he is. 


Then in the market commentary, we look at the two day market melt up and talk about whether it has staying power or not. We came a long way in a short period, but the question is...what changed? The answer? Not much. So tune in and give it a read, it's a good article. Of course it's completely free as  it has been for 24 years. 

10.27.2018 - The Melt Down Continues? Bookmark

550 DOW points. Almost 100 S&P's. That's what we lost this week alone, as the market has been plunging. It seems that on October 3rd, they realized that rising rates and the Feds Quantitative tightening, might actually make it harder to keep stocks elevated. Yeah. 

So in the general commentary of today's letter, I invite you all to stop by on Thursday night at 8 pm, to "Front Sight Press" on facebook. It's a show hosted by my friend Mike, and it's all about guns, self defense, ammo, you name it. I'll be on this Thursday, November 1. It should be a good show, with some good info. 

In the Market commentary, we discuss whether the bull is dead, or it's got one last hurrah higher left in it. I describe what I'd need to see to believe we can make a new high. Without it, I believe we've seen the all time highs. So, give it a read. For a free investing newsletter, we try our best to make it as good as it can be, without stepping on the toes of our paying members. 

10.13.2018 - Political Correctness gone mad Bookmark

In the General commentary section of today's free investment newsletter, we look at a stunning report that shows that the nation is sick and tired of PC, and the numbers are staggering. Interestingly the study wasn't done by a bunch of right wing conservatives, it was done via a liberal think tank.  Give that a read, maybe it will restore your faith in humanity. 

In the market commentary, we discuss the sell off this week, and if Friday's bounce was the start of something like a new leg up, or a one day wonder. I give you reasons to question both outcomes.  Please take a few minutes to read it, it could help you with your investment decisions in the near future. 

10.10.2018 - What about Bob? Bookmark

In today's general commentary, I relate a story from many many years ago, where your intrepid editor, was "fired" by a female boss. The reason? I didn't make advances toward her. Yes you read right. She was jealous that I'd come in and joke and flirt with the girls, but put on my business face for her. In this era of meetoo, one wonders when the next hashtag will be "#mentoo". 

In the market section, we talk about todays 800+ freefall in the DOW and what it means, why it happened and what's next. Stay tuned folks, things could get fun in here soon!

10.3.2018 - You Did it!! Bookmark

Hello all, first off let me say a big hearty thank you! I'm waling in the "lets cure alzheimers" walk on Saturday and had requested donations to our team members that are doing the walk. Well our goal was 3,000 dollars and because of your generosity, we bested that level. So again, thank you all so much. Alzheimer's and related dementia are horrible diseases and if just one dollar helps someone through it, or leads us closer to a cure, I'm okay with it. 


In the market commentary we chat about the insane market levels, and how no matter what, one day this will all end. The best "stock" year we ever had was being short the market during the 2008/09 sell down, and it will indeed happen again. But for now, as we make new highs again almost daily, we lean long, take our shots and ring the register. 

9.29.2018 - Rocks and Hard Places Bookmark

In today's Financial Intelligence Report, we're talking about the Feds latest interest rate hike, and what it means to the market going forward. We also talk about insider selling, and the length of this current bull market. 

As you may or may not know, the insiders have been selling record amounts of their own stock lately, and if you couple that with rising rates, a flat yield curve, and the duration of this bull market, you come away wondering "how can this keep going?" It's a good question and we chat about it extensively in today's letter. 

Please give it a read, and as always it's a free newsletter. 

9.8.2018 - Elon Musk smokes weed. So what? Bookmark

Hey everyone, the big news Friday was that Elon Musk was on a pod cast with Joe Rogan and he was sipping whiskey and took a toke on a pot blunt. The financial stations were going nuts asking if he should be doing such things while running his companies. But I have a better question. 

The podcast was over 2 hours long and he covered some pretty interesting stuff. His view on how dangerous AI could become is what those stations should have focused on, not whether he should be on camera taking a hit.  I share his view of AI, I think it has the ability to be a very scary development.  Go read today's newsletter, it's worth the time. 


In the market commentary, we are trying to figure out if the news about more tariffs is what sank the market, or was the market willing to sink and needed an excuse?  It's a good question.  Give it a read. 

9.1.2018 - Labor Day, Mom and Thank You Bookmark

Hello everyone, and welcome to your Labor Day weekend. Remember that the markets are indeed closed on Monday. 

In today's letter, I express a personal struggle that I just went through with my Mom. At 89, she's not quite the spry old gal she once was, and after a short hospital stay, she's needing some time in a rehab. But the five days between the hospital and going to rehab really opened my eyes to a lot. I was simply not prepared. 


so I talk about that, and then in the market commentary, we consider the idea that maybe September will bring us something of a fade. While it's October that produces the big crashes, September is generally the worst month of the year. So, we'll chat about that. 


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