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7.8.2020 - A tough letter to write Bookmark

Hey friends, the latest edition of the free Investment newsletter is up on the site and frankly it's a tough one. Today we look under the rug and behind the curtain on this coordinated uprising against the United States. This is not an organic uprising, but worse, these people are being supplied with arms. 


I've been preaching "safety" in the last few letters and it's more important now than ever. Please read today's letter and talk to your families. You have to be very careful what you say, and especially what you post on Social Media. The insane left will find your posts, and try and cancel you. You'll be fired from your job. They'll dox you and harass you at home. The Country is a hot mess. Do yourself a favor and read this one. 

7.1.2020 - The Communist Uprising Bookmark

Hey everyone, the new edition of the free investment newsletter is up. In the general commentary we talk about the communist uprising that has taken over the BLM movement and what lay's ahead. Then, in the market commentary we talk about Powell and Mnuchin telling Congress they will continue the pedal to the metal QE. That means just one thing. The money will find its way to the market. Give it a read, there's some good points in it. 

6.17.2020 - Rest in Peace Bookmark

Hi everyone....


Not your standard letter tonight. My mom passed away yesterday morning, and I have been out of the news and market loop for two days. But, I still wanted to put something up, and I remarked about "imagine all that she's seen change in 91 years!"  So it is a pleasant read. The take away however is that life is fragile and limited. So go hug your mom and dad, they will not be here for ever. 

6.10.2020 - The people have no clue Bookmark

Today's letter is up and in it, I rant about the idiots across our country looting rioting, burning, killing and ruining the lives of so many innocent business owners. What the hell is wrong with these mutants? We live in a Country with so much luxury and comfort compared to billions of people around the globe. And they want to destroy it?  


825 million people go to bed hungry around the world. 9 million die of starvation every year. Yet here in the  US we have food stamps, and food banks. Even the poorest have running water and community water. Every person in this country is richer than 2 BILLION people in third world nations.  What's the issue? They're spoiled brats that have never known what really hard times are. 


So yeah, today I go off about that. In the market section, we talk about the Fed meeting Wednesday, and what Powell had to say about rates and policy going forward. Basically in a nutshell, he's printing and keeping rates at zero for ever. Give it a read. 

6.6.2020 - New Article up! Bookmark

Hey everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up a day early. Today we talk about something that's probably driving the left nuts. What's that you ask? Well it's no secret that the left hates guns, and yet because of the rioting and looting, gun sales have been hitting record highs. 

I go on to give you some tips about how to deal with a riot situation if you find yourself in one. 

Then we talk about the markets huge surge Friday. It was epic. Yes, we took some profits, as it's always smart to "take some off the table" but we still have some skin in the game. Give the letter a read, it's a good one. 

5.30.2020 - The good old days Bookmark

Hey friends, Sunday's free investment newsletter is up a day early. In the commentary section, we wax nostalgic over the good old days, and how things have changed. Like our world was replaced with something different. 

In the market section, we discuss the situation with China, Hong Kong, and the never ending push to keep the market moving higher. Riots in America? Up we go. Relations with China in the toilet and heading for the sewer? Up we go. It's a crazy time folks.

5.20.2020 The Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hello all, the Free investment Newsletter is up, and today we're asking why the Bill Gates and Fauci's of the world are hell bent on Moderna's vaccine, and ignoring or even ridiculing Hydroxychloroquin.  Well the answer of course is MONEY!  They want high priced treatments, high priced vaccines. They're not interested in something that costs just a few bucks and has been around for 75 years. No, the planners of this pandemic want to make trillions off this.


Over in Bangladesh, doctors have found another cheap therapy that has had 100% success in 60 near death patients, The cost for treatment? About 40 bucks.  That's a far cry from the 4000+ that Fauci's outfits are looking to make. Give the letter a read, you'll find it here: 

5.13.2020 - The Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hello everyone. There's been a lot of talk about mandatory vaccinations and even getting digital tattoo's to prove that yes you've had your shot. Naturally there's a lot of division concerning something like that, so today we discuss the ramifications of such a thing.We also talk about the interesting differences/no differences between the US and China.

Today's article is thought provoking, and might just  get you pondering about the police state that we've become. It's just not in your face like China, instead we let companies spy on you. 

5.6.2020 Fauci should be in JAIL Bookmark

In today's letter we take a walk back through the history of our esteemed Dr. Fauci. Did you know he had a promising researcher tossed in jail? Did you know he let one of his henchmen steal research and rewrite it so he'd get the credit? DId you know Fauci is pushing for GILD's drug, which will probably be priced at over 1000 dollars, while Hydroxychloride and a z pack/zinc is like 20 bucks? 


Read tonight's letter and learn what a scumbag this person is. He's got blood on his hands. 

4.29.2020 - Happy Birthday to me! Bookmark

Hi Everyone. Not only is today my birthday, today I give you my opinion about where the Virus came from, and why.  It's going against the grain. It's not going to be popular. It's not intended to be. I don't need popular. I want to spread the facts as I see them.

Fauci is simply Agog over GILD's drug results. They sucked. Fauci is against Hydroxychloroquine. It works 91% of the time. Why is that? Could it be Fauci gets a kickback out of GILD's drug? Could it be the reason he holds patents on GP120? 


Give today's letter a read folks. It's important to understand. Find it here : https://www.investyourself.com/free-newsletter/Insiders-Club-Newsletter/ArticleId/14028/4292020-financial-intelligence-report

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