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Welcome to Investing Basics 101! What’s this about? Over the years we’ve come to notice that an awful lot of people simply don’t know the first thing about investing. They don’t know what a stock is, why they exist, how to buy one or even why they’d want to. So, we decided to give away a little “investing basics” lesson to get people started. We aptly named it “Investing 101″ (how original).

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Read how we took the worst investor in the world, and taught him to put $12,000 dollars in his account in a month.

Is this person you? You know enough to be dangerous,

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As you can see, we have covered a lot of ground over all these chapters. Right now you are armed with enough information to be, well, dangerous! Don't get us wrong, we are making a joke here, but the fact is that no one should start to actually trade until

What Is "Shorting" a Stock? Bookmark

This gets a bit funny sounding, but it is a tactic that we as traders use very frequently. You will have the ability (once you open your brokerage account) to sell a stock you don't even own, and the money for the sale will show up in your account!! What's

Some Common Stock Market Investing Terms Bookmark

Options: Options are the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at a certain price for a specified amount of time. When you buy an option, you really don't want to exercise that option; you want it to increase in price and then sell it. Call Options increase

The "GAP" Opening Bookmark

The next little "gem" that you have to be aware of is something called a GAP UP or a GAP DOWN opening. This can be either the best thing you have ever seen, or a horrible nightmare depending on which one you get! Here is the deal:

Let's suppose you

The MOST Important Tool! Bookmark

We hope that you are beginning to see that there isn't too much to doing this, just knowing a few terms and how to use them. So far, you now know what the market is, what a stock is, a spread, a limit order, a good till cancel order, an

Another Tool We Use Bookmark

There is another spin you can put on the limit order called the "good till cancel" or GTC. That just means that they will electronically book your order for about 60 days, and if it is possible to buy XYZ at 53 or below, they will. You won't even know

A "Tool" of the Trade Bookmark

The previous example was trading at it's basics, and there are many "tools" available to us that we use to help limit our risk. One of these would be the "limit" order. Here, what we do is tell the broker that we want to buy XYZ with a limit of

Let's Make a Deal - The Basic Trade Bookmark

Now that you are armed with that knowledge, you are going to want to buy your first stock. That is where our newsletters, NEWSPICKS and INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY PICKS, come in handy. They will give you an idea of what might be a good bet. But let's say you like XYZ

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