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4.21.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Happy Easter to you all.
During this most Holy of times, it saddens me to look around the world we live in. The wars, the racism, the fighting, the poor, the sick, all amounts to a very sickly world. The Easter season gives us the hope that there are better times and better places. Please enjoy it to the fullest.
The False Flag
Rarely any more, is what you see, really what happened. Technology will no doubt make this even worse as time goes on. So first off, for those that don’t understand what a false flag is, let’s first define it.

9.8.2018 - Elon Musk smokes weed. So what? Bookmark

Hey everyone, the big news Friday was that Elon Musk was on a pod cast with Joe Rogan and he was sipping whiskey and took a toke on a pot blunt. The financial stations were going nuts asking if he should be doing such things while running his companies. But I have a better question. 

The podcast was over 2 hours long and he covered some pretty interesting stuff. His view on how dangerous AI could become is what those stations should have focused on, not whether he should be on camera taking a hit.  I share his view of AI, I think it has the ability to be a very scary development.  Go read today's newsletter, it's worth the time. 


In the market commentary, we are trying to figure out if the news about more tariffs is what sank the market, or was the market willing to sink and needed an excuse?  It's a good question.  Give it a read. 

9.9.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Unless you live in a compound, far away from TV or radio, you know the "big news" was that Elon Musk was on the Joe Rogan podcast and was drinking whiskey and took a puff on what they say was a tobacco and pot blunt. Everyone was going nuts about that, and questioning if the head of all these companies should be engaging in such behavior on the camera.
All day Friday, CNBC ran the clip of Elon and Joe talking, and Elon taking a hit on what they said was this blunt. That spawned all the noise about whether this high ranking CEO, a guy involved in solar companies, car companies and space launches, should be taking a hit on a joint.

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