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1.31.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Hi all. 

Yesterday at about five minutes to two, I left to go sit with my wife as she was getting her chemo infusion. I got her home at 4 pm

10.25.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Friday? Could it be already? Yepper. 

So, it's been a choppy week for sure, with earnings either rewarding companies or punishing them.

7.16.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. I hope it was a great one for you all. My Saturday was filled with "running around" as the wife is gathering things to take with her on her trip to spend a week with her father in NJ. With her mom already having passed, she really enjoys her yearly visit with her dad. So, we were getting her geared up for that. (NOTE>> She flies out Tuesday, but it shouldn't interrupt my usual posting times)

10.27.2017 Bookmark


Well Now!  

Last night was like Earnings central for the "big guys" meaning Amazon, Alphabet ( google) Microsoft and Intel.  The bottom line is that all of them did really well on their earnings releases and the street has reacted in a big way. 

4.5.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride of up and downs in a relatively narrow range. I lost count of how many times we dipped red/went green/went red. But when it was all over and the final bell had rung, we had finally eeked out a green close on both the DOW and the S&P. While it wasn't gangbusters, we got 39 DOW points and just about 1.5 on the S&P. 

9.28.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Machine
On Monday night the Superbowl of debates took place. I’ll be the first to say that Trump didn’t do as well as I’d have liked. It’s hard to look good against a 30 year criminal politician, that’s been trained to the core on how to deflect, duck, change topics, ridicule, etc. Her handlers had shined her up well. No coughing fits, no mysterious eye movement and she smiled a lot. Quite unlike the nasty glare she generally displays.

Insiders Club - 10.27.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. I truly hope it was a good one for you all. I have to admit that for me, it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. The wife and I had planned this weekend way back in June, to travel to one of our states nicest paved bicycle trails, and stay at a historic bed and breakfast. Well, the weather was perfect, the trail nicer than we expected, the B&B a sheer delight, and all in all...it was great. I wish I could do it every weekend!

But now we're back in the saddle, so let's take a look at where things stand.

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