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2.1.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to not only Friday, but the first day of February. Ahh yes, February, my  "break out your wallet" month. 

See, each year I have to deal with a week in February that gets harder and harder.  We have Valentines day on the 14th. Well, then I have my wife's birthday on the 16th. Then to top it off it's our Anniversary on the 19th. 

1.8.2018 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning all, and welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend for you all. 

As you know, my true anniversary is in February, in what I kiddingly call "hell week".  Don't laught, see the 14th is Valentines day, the 16th is the wife's birthday and the 19th is our true anniversary. I get hit 3 times in the same week!  
But it's hard in Sarasota, Tampa, St. Pete, etc to find places to go in mid February because all the "snow birds" invade from up north and the Hotels are full, the resorts are full, the eateries are full, etc. 

2.19.2017 - Free investment newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey all, I've posted the Sunday edition of our free investing newsletter a day ahead of schedule. Sunday is my anniversary, and the wife and I have the day planned out, so I figured I'd get this up a day ahead. In this issue we're talking about the absolute "war" that's raging in DC. The white hats versus the black hats in the Intelligence community. The apoplectic response of the Media to everything anyone connected to trump does, etc.  But we also chat about this market run up and what we might expect.  Oh and finally, I am pulling the plug on our lifetime offer today. Response was to the point where I have to shut it down a week early. 

2.19.2016- Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Friday.

Today is a special day for me.  33 years ago today my better half said "I do" in front of 125 friends and family.  So yes it is indeed our "anniversary".

I got the better end of that deal by far, and I'm honored to have such a gift given to me.  I have no problem saying that I look forward to the next 33 years.

Insiders Club - 2.19.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all...

On this day 32 years ago my wife lost her sanity for a day and said "I do".  Yes indeed, today is my anniversary. And in those 32 years, this has been the only anniversary where we weren't together for the day. Unfortunately she's up in NJ trying to help her dad and brother take care of her quickly fading mom, while I'm down here in Florida keeping an eye on my own mom.

Sometimes life simply gets in the way.

But it is indeed my anniversary and I will never be shy about saying I was blessed to have such a fine partner. 

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