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6.4.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from your weekend. As always, I hope it was a great one for you all.  Ironically, after putting out the Financial Intelligence Report concerning taking the time to "smell the roses", this weekend was pretty anticlimactic.  Instead of exploring a new trail or enjoying a nice bike ride to the beach, I spent the weekend cleaning up mom's yard. 

3.31.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Thursday....

While the only economic data we're going to get today is the initial jobless claims, we do see two of the Talking head Fed members will be out speaking today.  I wish they'd all just shut up, because on one hand they tell us they want to be more transparent, yet it isn't transparent when they parade a handful of them around to suggest we're really close to a rate hike, and then Yellen double crosses everyone and basically says there's no rate hikes in the works.

That's not transparency, that's fraud.

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