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Today’s commentary is going to be way way off the normal path. Why? Over the weekend, I got to swapping some recipes with some friends of ours. Then it dawned on me that in 25 years of putting out commentary on just about every topic imaginable, I’ve never put a recipe out.  Or, if I have it’s been so long ago I forgot I did.


Anyway, while desperate for the recipe to our friend Karen’s incredible Osso buco recipe, which she sent over Sunday, she asked for one in return. One I didn’t think she’d ever be interested in, caught me off guard. She wrote “Bob, do you know anyone that makes Kimchi?”  Bingo. Yes I do.

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Morning all, well....I'm awake. Sort of.

Last night the wife and I went to Tampa to see the Tampa Lightening face off against the Florida Panthers. As would be the case, the offical game ended in a tie, meaning that we'd go into overtime. Then the overtime ended in a tie and we went to a "shoot out". During the shootout, there was a controversial shot by a Panther, and they had to stop the game and call the officials in Toronto to get a ruling on whether the shot counted or not. They ruled it did, but then the Bolts tied it again. Over and over until the Bolts finally won the game. But a glance at the watch showed that it was going to be a very late night!   Indeed. After trying to get out of the parking area and then the 40 minute ride home... well, I was shot. 

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Morning all.....

Yesterday many of you noticed there was no 1 pm update. Folks... I could lie, make up some baloney about a tech problem,  or what have you. But the truth is there was no post because I was on a conference call, got all wrapped up in it and by the time it dawned on me that "holy crap I gotta do an update" it was well past 2. I looked at the market, saw things hadn't really done anything and figured "what's the point?"  At that point I just continued on with the overseas call.  Sorry about that.

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