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Civil War
If I asked you why a civil war might break out in this country, what would be your reason for it?  Probably the first thing that would come to your mind is the cleave, the divide, the absolute opposite poles of the more staunch “right” and the liberal “left” and I would have no issue with that.  But I think it’s much deeper than that, and I also think it’s being bred in places you might not have thought of.
You all know the deal. Some 66 year old mind numbed Bernie supporter leaves his wife in Illinois and camps out in his van for a couple months, right at the field that the Congress folks use to play their charity game. Then at one of the practices, he makes sure it’s the Republicans on the field and starts shooting them.   Everyone with a firing brain cell could see this coming. Some of us have even predicted it.

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Good morning all.....

By now most of you are probably aware of what happened in Dallas last night. During a Black lives Matter protest rally, an ambush was set up by several people with long rifles, and 11 police were shot,  and 5 have died. It was just a matter of time. You could almost tell something that sinister was coming.

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