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11.18.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, happy Wednesday to you all.

Yesterday turned into quite a mess during the afternoon. The market was doing what we thought it would do, which is add to the gains we had Monday. But then things went to hell in a handbag when news hit that over in Hamburg, a soccer match was canceled because of "concrete" terror bombing threats. Then all manner of rumors and "quotes" started flying around. The first was that an ambulance packed with explosives had been found. Then they said there was no explosives. People were freaking out that the Paris thing was still in play with different cells in different nations acting out their parts.

Insiders Club - 10.28.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday already. My my does the time fly by....

Yesterday was just abject funny in a very perverted way. I had said that they'd defend 2060 on the S&P and they certainly did. And, they did it in the face of an avalanche of lousy news. The durable goods numbers were horrid. Oil plunged. Goldman lowered it's 3rd Quarter GDP forecast from 1.2% to just 1%. IBM announced another 4 billion for stock buybacks, while at the same time announcing they're being investigated by the SEC for the way they account for some of their revenues.

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Good morning all....

My schedule is a bit lumpy as you might imagine, but I'm free to make a few observations here this morning.

Yesterday the market put on a good show over the "prayer" that the Fed's will never do anything, ever. But the rise came as usual, on minuscule volume. We've seen that pattern for literally years now, where sell offs come on pretty large volume, but breakouts are on tiny volumes. So what's that mean actually? Well you'll get a lot of theories about it, but to us it simply means that we aren't breaking into new highs because "everyone" is in there buying with both hands....it means that the Central planners who need markets to be ever higher are buying the exact futures and the exact heavy weighted stocks that move the averages.

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