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Insiders Club - 10.29.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to another day....

Like many I decided to watch the debates last night...and for once they had some really bright spots.  I have a lot of distain for CNBC and their left leaning John Harwood, and I wasn't terribly comfortable with CNBC interviewing "conservatives".  Sure enough they were asking ridiculous questions to attack their character and FINALLY The candidates pushed back, mocking CNBC for playing for the Democrats.

Insiders Club - 9.22.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Tuesday and yet another day in the bizarro world we play in.

Okay, so yesterday they dug in their heels and fought off a mid day slump to end the day with the DOW up 125 points and the S&P up 9 to 1966.  But here's the important part of that. Did you see the "high" that the S&P posted? It was 1979.  Well, what was the number I said they'd have to get past first if they were going to challenge the next milestone at 1995?  That's right, 1980. Well they couldn't do it. We smacked into it, and faded back.

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