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2.25.2018 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Told Ya?
I take no pleasure in being right about how the anti-gun left would utilize it’s supposed power, to try and go after the “choke points” for gun buyers and, that prediction came true immediately.
Trying to appease the social snowflakes, no less than 13 companies have now severed ties with the NRA, and several card processors are in “deep thought” about ending their relationships with gun manufacturers and sellers.

11.8.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Election day. 

I, like so many others will be braving the lines. Yes I had the chance to do early voting, but for some reason I sort of like the drama of election day itself. So I will stand in line like so many others and cast the only "thing" that separates us from so many other nations. My vote. 

Will it be stolen? Could be. If you poke around the alternative media sites long enough you'll find video's of al manner of vote rigging. Machines that flip Democrat if you select an entire Republican ticket. Project Veritas showing an undercover girl in a Burka going in as huma Abedin, and getting a paper ballot.   For all the blather that Obama and the main stream press has told you about how there's no "rigging" examples like this are very common...

8.3.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Have You Ever?
I’m not going to spend the entire commentary on the Presidential race, but I do have to ask the question...have you ever in your life seen the media so incredibly biased in your lifetime? I mean seriously folks, you can’t watch a single program without someone bringing up what they consider to be another Trump Gaffe. Even when Trump says something with no bad intent, it’s twisted to show him as a diabolical madman not capable to even run a kindergarten. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you thought there was the slightest inkling of honesty in reporting, or no bias...well, that’s shot to hell.

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