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5.17.2017 - Ransom's and Crashes! Bookmark

So today the big news is Ransomware, Comey's "memo" to himself and the big 370 point down day in the market. What a hot mess this is!  First we have the rabid media and the over the top Democrats going batcrap over Comey suggesting he made a note to himself that Trump had asked him to lay off of Flynn. Then of course the already "old news" of a test run of malware that swept across 150 countries and 200K computers demanding "bitcoins" for payment. 


Those two added up to a pretty hefty plunge in market land, with the DOW off 372 and the S&P cratering for 42. So in tonight's free investing newsletter we talk about the ransomware, the Comey "thing" and of course what the market's look like. I suggest you give tonight's letter some extra attention, because 1) the ransomware attack was just the tip of a much bigger iceberg, and the markets? They're starting to look dangerous. 

5.17.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Ransom, The Test
So, the story goes that some hacker saw in a Wikileaks email, that the NSA had created a Malware, and this hacker gleaned it and unleashed it on the world. Called Ransom-ware, the virus gets in your hard drive and encrypts all your data. It is then useless to you. Then the hacker tells you that for a price, he will send you the key to decrypt all that info and you get your computer back.

5.17.2017 Bookmark


Hello all.

What a difference a day makes, eh?  Yesterday it was business as usual, and after a long twisty day the DOW ended down 2, the S&P down 1.  It doesn't get much flatter than that. 

5.11.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday. May it be a happy one for you. 

5.10.2017 The Greater Fool Bookmark

So, Comey is out. We'll talk about all that for the weekend. Today the newsletter is about the Greater fool theory, versus dividend paying stocks. Do you know the difference? Or better yet, does the difference matter? We gnaw on that topic today, so take a few minutes and see what we're whining about.  Then we move onto the actual market itself. We've sure put in a lot of tight sessions lately. Are they going to break us free and we go on to set even more all time highs? We'll see. 

5.10.2017 Bookmark


Never a dull day....

There's no question that by now you know that FBI director Comey was fired last night. You have to know that because it's front and center on every news site, every broadcast on ever channel. 

So what's it mean? Is it important? Is the swamp getting drained? Was Comey a "bad guy?"  Who's going to take the job? 

11.5.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


I have no doubt that politics has been corrupt from the very earliest of days. None. But I think there’s a big difference between say taking a payoff from someone so that later on you give that person a favor, versus selling out your nation.  I’m not saying that it’s right to take a payoff, but please folks, let’s deal in reality. They happen on virtually every level. Builder A gives Candidate B a 50K dollar donation to his campaign. B wins the election. Builder A gets approval for his condo project. It happens every day in every town USA.

10.31.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Boo!  I'm sure I didn't scare you on this Halloween morning. However, there are scared people everywhere after this weekends bombshells about Comey, Hillary, Huma,Weiner, etc. Wow what a mess. 

There's so many twists and turns to this story that piecing it all together is difficult, and no I'm not an expert on it all. But from what we can gather, 1) FBI agents were resigning left and right, feeling betrayed that Comey didn't push for indictment the first time around. 2) Agents working on the idea of Chld porn on Weiners lap top found thousands of emails to Huma, and some appeared to have been to and from Hillary's private server. Agents then approached FBI agents that had worked on the Clinton case and said "hey, we've got tens of thousands of emails on this lap top from Weiner and they look like they could have been important to you".  See... Huma swore that she had given all her "stuff" to the fed's the first time. Now we know... that's not true.  So Huma's got some explaining to do for sure

10.29.2016 - Wow What an Election Bookmark

By now you all know that the FBI is once again investigating Hillary and the email scandal. This comes about from Agents working on the Weiner sexting case having found thousands of state department emails. Some of them classified. So once again this election has taken a wild turn. 

I have posted the Free newsletter ahead of time, and interestingly my topic was "what happens to markets after this election?"  In it I showcase some probable differences. Now of course, I had to add a bit to it, just to mention the latest Headlines. Is Comey trying to save his skin? Is there a rebellion in the FBI and agents were going to bring forth a case with or without him? Do they know Wikileaks is going to release something even more damaging?  We don't know, but we are making more popcorn!

10.30.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


I wrote the following article, “what happens to the market after the election” on Friday morning. It’s kind of funny because nothing major was happening and I felt this weekend would be a good time to start thinking of a post election strategy. Well then you all know what happened. At 1 pm, the FBI announced that they were looking into more Emails concerning Hillary.  Then all hell broke loose.

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