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3.20.2019 - Free Newsletter Bookmark

What if It’s Banned?
As everyone that has a firing synapse in their head has heard by now, there was a “situation” down in New Zealand. While we can debate the idea that it was a false flag ( it was) and it had an agenda ( it did) , I want to address some questions that came in to me after this Mosque shooting.
For the newer folks, you might ask “why the heck would someone ask Bob about guns, and self defense?” Because for the last 12 years I’ve been partner in a weapons self defense company. We train everything from getting your concealed carry permit, to high end tactical SWAT employees. So, while I’m no expert, the folks I circle around with, are. Some of their knowledge rubs off on me now and then.

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Watch the Show!

Many of you know that I’m a Silent Partner in a company that trains people in using weapons for defense. We offer the Florida concealed carry classes, right up and through individual training classes based on your needs.

If someone wants an introduction to handguns or rifles, we do that. If someone wants to learn defensive shooting, run and gun, home protection, etc, we do that. Maybe you just want to learn to be more accurate, or how to avoid flinching. We do that. Maybe you’d like a class on “intro to gun fighting.” Yep we do that. We can train anyone from the absolute beginner, to the SWAT member.

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